The Bitbag Review: Axel & Pixel

The Bitbag writes: "Knowing that Axel & Pixel is an XBLA title I wasn't expecting a huge epic story, but what I did get was rather nice. Also being a game with no dialogue what so ever (Axel speaks gibberish), the story is up for interpretation, but it's not hard hard to figure out. Axel who is a painter and his dog Pixel are relaxing together on a calm mid-winter's day, when all of a sudden a rat comes out and plays strange music on a gramophone. Axel and Pixel fall asleep into a surreal dream world and that's where your adventure begins. The rat who played the strange music appears to hold the key to your escape so you follow him through out the story chasing him through the four season's of nature. While the story makes little to no sense that's the beauty of it, it's abstract."

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