Bayonetta has even more skimpy outfits

SCRAWL: "Nearly every one of Bayonetta's attacks involves her getting half-naked. That's a pretty good deal right there. Platinum Games didn't want to stop though. So they introduced outfits that Bayonetta can change into. We've seen the witch skirt, the schoolgirl gym uniform, now we see more."

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Zedux3279d ago

sad to see people buying this game for reasons other then gameplay!

nycredude3279d ago

I don't know why but the more I see of this game the less I am interested. Usually it's the other way round. Looks like I will skip it.

El_Colombiano3279d ago

Gameplay rocks. DMC Style.

And the lead character is a skimpy woman. What more can you ask for!?

nycredude3279d ago

Like I said I am not sure why but this game jsut isn't appealing to me. Maybe it's because there have been so many good games out and coming that this just seem redundant. As far as the skimpy outfits, well I've Ninja Gaiden Sigma (bigger tits), Soul Caliber (make your own tits), and porn for that already. Beside, isn't the Ps3 version crap?

If it turns out great, mabe I'll pick it up later on the cheap.

D4RkNIKON3279d ago

Is it just me, or is her head way too small for her body? Her breasts aren't the only thing that make her head look small, she is so tall too. When ever I see her I think of Deuce Biggalo Male Jiggalo wher the guy yells "Damn, that's a huge B!TCH"

N4G king3279d ago

this is getting out of hand

DevastationEve3279d ago

I think the great ratings should be enough to convince most buyers. If not then boobies will take it from there.

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evilmonkey5013279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

her sunshine looks rather bulbous...whats going on here? (see second pic)

dirthurts3279d ago

She's a man!
I knew there was a reason I wasn't diggin this game...

xoxideu3279d ago

that maybe the plot twist

nycredude3279d ago

That is probably her secondary weapon, mapped to the R2 trigger.

DevastationEve3279d ago

I've been noticing a pattern in various designs by all kinds of artists were they really put a bulge down it an Asian thing?

Bush Gardens, Tampa Bay.

El_Colombiano3279d ago

Now that you saw that, I think it is their art style!

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artgamer3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Modern Warfare 2 will destroy this trash.

EDIT: Who modeled this ? the proportions are WAY off.

Redempteur3279d ago

of course it's off .. she conserved her appearance with magic ...

She is actually _ _ _ years old

54percent3279d ago

Her... head... is... so ... small.....

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