Xfire Game Store Launched

Xfire, the online gamer community with 14.5M users, today announced the launch of the Xfire Game Store – the first social-shopping game store.

Social interactions on the Xfire network serve not only to empower gamers to discover, share, and play games but also to influence them to buy games their friends play.

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Eiffel3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Awesome. I remember using Xfire to communicate with old Battlefront 1/Battlefront 2 buddies. Good times..Kind of miss PC gaming.

I'm gonna check out the store.

memots3277d ago

Skype is good enough for group chat and right now we are playing a lot of Borderland coop. That game is addictive.

Recommended if you want to pc game !!

chak_3276d ago

I'm in Xfire since quite some times now, it's really good :)

Though they're sometime slow on new games update. And store was out like 2 weeks ago I think

Coolrah3276d ago

took em long enough...Seriously now maybe they can compete with steam :/

pcgia3276d ago

Good for them, hopefully they will do well!