Playstation 2 Eyetoy is Project Natal

A little look in the pass of the PlayStation 2 eye toy and some project Natal demo's

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CrippleH4253d ago

Seems like the industry has forgotten Eyetoy can do this also.

warzonegamer4253d ago

ur right thats why i had to show it off

PinkUni4253d ago

it was on dreamcast/ps2 but it was called seaman

same sh!t

WenisWagon4253d ago

The eye"toy" had absolutely no good games. The lineup for Project Natal is going to be fantastic and full of AAA titles.

theEnemy4253d ago

didn't gave a sh1t about EyeToy because Sony didn't market it like what MS is doing on Natal.

It's all about Marketing.

The EyeToy is ahead of it's time, and Sony didn't take advantage of that.

And now Natal is gaining what the EyeToy should have been gained years ago.

colonel1794253d ago

The problem is that the media seems so in love with MS that they ignore those things, they even go as far as to forget/pretend the eyetoy existed just to praise for Natal. The same with games. remember how Heavenly Sword got smashed in reviews because it was short?, and now with Halo ODST they don't even care if it is actually shorter, and is not a complete game that you have to pay full price?

Also look at the upcoming games, when the media (be it IGN or a blog) they always lists DLC for it, like GTA4 as a GAME, when is not, because if it is about listing DLCs to, why they never listed Wipeout Fury Pack, it could be sold as a sequel because it was so complete, and what about Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty. I mean, the media just like to ignore that Sony also has big DLC.

Another thing that comes to mind, that the media "forgot" was downloadable full games. When MS announced their service to download full games, they just completely ignore the fact that Sony had been doing that way loong before with Warhawk, Grand Turismo 5 Prologue, SOCOM: Confrontation and others.

It is just that the gaming media is so unreliable now, they take more importance on opinions and bias than actual facts and news.

Microsoft Xbox 3604253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Old technology reborn with a new name. That is all. Somehow that same old tech is touted as the next best thing according to Microsoft and its fanboys, like we haven't seen it before. It's been done, it's been tried, but it ultimately was not what the mass consumer wanted. I'm glad Sony put that controller-less approach to the back seat.

evrfighter4253d ago

sucks to be sony. I'm sure they're regretting naming that thing "eyetoy"
you couldn't market that outside of a kindergarten class.

Ragz0174253d ago

motion controllers :(

im happy with my ds3 :)

LtSkittles4253d ago

Why don't you name some of those games for me?

HolyOrangeCows4253d ago

That it's all about software. They can beef up the camera all they want, it won't do anything that software can't simulate with the images from any old camera.

MNicholas4253d ago

They are just advertising outlets for big brands. They just blindly repeat what the big companies tell them.

marinelife94253d ago

And the eye toy has less lag!

sugard04253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

This is the 3DV Cam (once known as the Z-Cam) that can detect objects in a 3D space whereas the original Eyetoy detects in a 2D space. Microsoft bought the makers of Z-Cam which is the technology they are using in Project Natal. I remember watching that video a while ago and I thought to myself.... why the hell didnt Sony buy the Z-Cam company because they have obviously patented there techniques for sensing objects in a 3D space.

This is the reason why Sony has developed motion controllers to help the Playstation Eye sense things in a 3D space. The good thing about the work around they created is, its not a work around at all, because using no controllers in a game sucks.

4253d ago
MNicholas4253d ago

but the lighting and surroundings can cause disruptions.

We still haven't seen how Natal copes with real world conditions. Theoretically, there's no reason why it won't work. It's all in the software.

It might even alter the 3D image being displayed to simulate 3D and add a sense of depth.

vhero4253d ago

I said this the moment I saw it and surprised this is the first article on this yeah its all about marketing but the eyetoy got a LOT of marketing near its initial launch. It did nothing for it which is why Natal will probably do nothing aswell.

TotalPS3Fanboy4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

And not only that, the PS3 Motion Controller is going to combine with it to form an awesomeness of the like that have never been seen before.

Raoh4253d ago

theEnemy pretty much hit it on the nail

I'll bet you the next gen xbox will have a browser and microsoft will be labeled innovative and forward thinking because microsoft will market the browser better than nintendo and sony are doing right now.

sikbeta4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

The same goes for the wii-fit crap:

frostypants4253d ago

@1.3: Natal hasn't done sh*t yet.

edgeofblade4253d ago


The ONLY hard metric that determines how well a product does is how it sells. All the artistic and technological considerations amount to jack sh!t in the real world. It's incredible how often people lose sight of that in their fanboyish fury.

tordavis4253d ago

Oh yeah Warzonegamer from Warzonegamer podcast. I wonder where he got that name from?

Chubear4253d ago

Part of MS's MO is to capitalize on an audience that doesn't know much or are ill-informed about certain products. This is how they make their money. It's no different with their 360 product and it's current consumers - They just don't know.

People talk about how the PS2 eyetoy didn't have any killer games but the thing is it did have many games for it but they were never hyped by the media. However, MS can bring out games on Natal exactly like on the PS3 eyetoy games, but with current gen resolution in graphics, and heavily market and stroke the gaming media (who are well aware it's nothing new) and they'll get the exact same game to seem like it's new and a big hit with 9s & 10s.

MS has always been about marketing. If they have $100 to spend on a product they'll spend 10% on the product and 90% marketing the product. This is true for the general mentality of business in NA spawning from the late 70s & 80s.

IMO, you're being duped if you by a 360 and very soon MS will do to the 360 fanbase what they did with the xbox fanbase. It's just crazy how every single gen after the NES, millions of gamers routinely fall for the same trick over and over again. Crazy.

misterssippi4253d ago

Jesus Christ. To be such fanboys, you apparently don't realize the eyetoy was never able to recognize 3D. Just a sad excuse to try and flame Microsoft. How could you post a video and not even listen to what the guy doing the tech display says?!?!? YOU FAIL HORRIBLY!

The guy said he was using a 'Z Cam', you know? From 3dv studios, the company responsible for project Natal. YOOUUU FAAAAIIIIILLLL! LMAO!!!

DevastationEve4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

...and Sony didn't copy off Xbox Live?

edit: oh so in fact they didn't. hm, tell me exactly who it was that said that online console gaming was not their concern and should be up to the developers...

The 14253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

So some early version of this camera tech may or may not have been the ancestor of both Natal and PSeye crap.

What is the point? They're two different animals now, one is full body 3D motion and the other still primitive even more so than the supposed camera ancestor these cameras supposedly share, according to this misinformed article.

Did you guys even listen to the video? The tech shown was a 3dv camera and had nothing to do with PS-eyetoy-crap.

This PS3 fanboy -MEE TOO- moment makes about as much sense as *Cathode Ray Tube* fanboys saying Liquid Crystal Display tech was copied and is over hyped.



NoBias4253d ago

Or lack there of... It's not M$'s fault that Sony just started putting out more commercials. Sony's to blame for their piss poor marketing and not informing the public. I mean, damn, even the original poster of the article had to hunt it down on youtube and "stumbled" across it.

Sony has had no concept of the word "marketing". You can disagree if you want but just look at the facts. Hell, this is even my first time seeing this video.

Sony, if you invent the wheel: Show it to the public! Otherwise you can bet your ass that someone else will come along and do so after a few years (Omg... years...)

WenisWagon4252d ago

Fable III, the new lineup of games that RARE is developing (perhaps another Perfect Dark, Killer instinct?)

But don't worry.. you still have eyepet.. and that one game with cards and dragons or something...

LtSkittles4252d ago

You said 'Full of AAA games,' and all I see is three titles. You should probably not speak until you know more about Natal. Sorry, but three titles is not 'full', and how do you know these games are AAA, have you played them? Fill me in on how they're AAA. I want full details on how these games are AAA. What are their review scores?

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KionicWarlord2224253d ago

THis wasn't the eyetoy this was the 3dv camera .

warzonegamer4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

that ended up becoming Eyetoy tha was just a demo showing it of b4 it became eye toy

KionicWarlord2224253d ago

3dv camera is Natal but further improved .

Eyetoy is pseye .

KionicWarlord2224253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

There`s demos on the 3dv website that shows applications .

Even the ces video shows the reaction speed change compared to these videos .

@ below

Well isn't that random .,.

colonel1794253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Eyetoy is the one that came out for the PS2

PS Eye is the one for the PS3 and only works for PS3

cliffbo4253d ago

it was eyetoy the section you showed was demonstrating the 3dv tech which sony developed the software for.

please note it was sony not ms who developed the software as ms are claiming.

MK24ever4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Eyetoy/PSeye CAN'T make what the 3dv camera does, I saw all this movies many time ago and I know what I'm talking about, at the time this video was done, the guy from Sony was testing the 3dv camera indeed, from the same company that Microsoft bought the technology from, 3dv can recognize depth of field by using IR sensors and a special filter, PSeye can't, what PSeye can do is recognize shape and color, not actual depth of field at full scale, HOWEVER the eyetoy can recognize color, shape and size, and this combination is what the Playstation motion controllers are all about (associated with gyroscopes), the camera sees the "ball" at the tip of the controller, and by the size shifting of that ball (closer or farther) it can create a full 3d Space, but only for that object (the ball/controller).

The 3dv could've very well be bought by Sony like 10 years ago, but that man in the video that works for SCE R&D believed that at the time it was something that wouldn't be an exponential leap from eye-toy, and it would require a two-camera equipment (one for the IR camera and the other to a normal camera), so a expensive peripheral.

Now what we are seeing from Microsoft is that old original eye-toy hype recycled with Microsoft ULTRA HUGE MEGA Marketing Hype OMG is THA future crap, I believe we will see many many applications done with it, but don't expect shooters and 3rd action games made with natal, what you can expect is fitness games and casual crap.

I'm kinda sad that so many hardcore gamers and mainly X360 fanboys are so "Natal" oriented, cause as this video from the R&D guy from Sony shows, it's just another gimmick thing, and the lack of feedback in our hands will be the fail of this product.

Yo wan Natal now? Just put some game on auto-play and wave your arms and legs in air to match what's happening on screen, you'll then know how awesome controller free games will be...

The 14253d ago

You guys are making sh*t up trying to downplay the 360 and Natal. The video has nothing to do with Playstation tech did you even listen to the video? LOL dig up old ass builds of tech and slaps fanboy rants and title on the story.

bu bu bu "ME TOO" that's all this is.

The 14253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

PS-EYETOY-Crap does not track more than one person at a time nor does it track full 48 joint bodies in low light. Mad because the world is waiting for NAtal and the Japanese developer are excited like school girls. Mad because MSFT will have a market of its own.

So you can stop disagreeing now and move along.

scott1824253d ago

@the 1. Talk about having a market to yourself, have you heard of the eyepet? Ms has there work cut out for them. Also it's easy to see your bitter anyways calling the eye toy crap, no need for that.

KionicWarlord2224253d ago


THere`s a difference in the devices .

Eyetoy isn't Natal .

scott1824252d ago

I was just trying to make a point that the eye pet is a hit and it's mostly hands free gaming. Sony is first to the market, I agree that natal is more powerfull.

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mattygamefreak4253d ago

Eyetoy was way ahead of it's time. Too bad it was never used for anything but casual games. Then again, when it comes to playing real games I'd rather use a controller anyways.

GamerPS3604253d ago

It was not ahead of time. It was just poor planning. MS saw potential and they are digging it deep with Natal.

cmrbe4253d ago

but somehow people want to go backwards and do waving and gesturing. Are we going back to the stone age?. lol j/k.

Theonik4253d ago

and that's were Natal will end up as a controller although it might see some side-implementation with some games. Ps-motion will also end up like that although it has greater potential for being used as a main control method as the RE5 news show.

DevastationEve4253d ago

Cmrbe, controllers have been around for gaming and elsewhere too. Pilots of commercial aircraft in the 50s had throttles and joysticks to play with.

Controllers are old. Natal is new. Why do you think modern luxury cars have "keyless ignition" or other forms of entry...because the common denominator is to remove manual labor as much as possible. The future IS Minority Report, or even Star Trek. Once the idea is planted the rest is just a matter of r&d and then feedback. If Natal succeeds it's because there was a demand for it, if not then another idea comes out and gets put through the same process.

But you can't say that Microsoft isn't trying. Natal is NOT Eye Toy or PS3 Eye. Natal is Microsoft's project.

UnwanteDreamz4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

"...because the common denominator is to remove manual labor as much as possible. The future IS Minority Report, or even Star Trek".

You have just defeated yourself. If use my thumbs to move from left to right in a game how is using my body to do the same action less labor? Again, even with Star Trek's take on VR you are required to move your body to play out your fantasy or whatever so how is that easier than pressing the buttons on a controller? Motion controllers are not about removing manual labor they are about mimicking it.

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cyclindk4253d ago

"A little look in the pass"

SiLeNt KNighT4253d ago

i hope it was for a touchdown!

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