Mario Strikers makes worldwide online matches a pain

Joystiq reader Joshua Marketis sent them this scan from an instruction manual for the European version of Wii Mario Strikers. The manual states that "you will be able to play only with people within Europe" unless you have shared friend codes with someone outside of the continent, citing lag concerns.

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Rasulis5070d ago (Edited 5070d ago )

Man people can always find something to complain about. This is nothing new, and it has been done before on online computer games. There is a reason they setup region specific servers.

If you've ever tried playing people in europe on a FPS or any fast paced game you'll understand why they did this with Mario Striker. Data isn't magically transported instantly from one location to another. It takes time for it to travel, and even .2 seconds(200 Ping) or .3 seconds(300 Ping) of latency can cause you to loose the game. I'm sorry but I don't want to join a game randomly and have some one with a 150 ping on my team causing me to loose because he lags.

That said, I do agree that Nintendo could improve their completely lack luster online system even though it's free.

MySwordIsHeavenly5070d ago

but Resistance, Motorstorm, and Warhawk seem to play without LAG against my European buddies. Why is that???

unsunghero285070d ago

I think this comment is a bit nitpicky... I mean, you're rarely going to find an online game that functions properly when connecting to other continents. I mean, if Nintendo had kept region unlocked, people would probably just come to complain about lag.

And Rasulis- yeah, it's pretty features-barren, but Nintendo is the only console maker that ONLY makes consoles. Sony and MS have dealt with the internet, but for Nintendo it's a pretty new thing. All we can really do is sit back and hope that WiiConnect24 really evolves as Nintendo accumulates some cash from the Wii's success.

ChickeyCantor5070d ago

to be honest im happy that finally nintendo goes online with their games, lag or no lag, the multiplayer feature has taken a new step when it comes to nintendo games.

Super smash going online too, its confirmd by the dev.
so hip hip hurray.

PhinneousD5069d ago

will they have online matchmaking for ssbb? cuz they *need* to. juggling 4 friend codes at once will be *more* of a pain in the arse.

Maddens Raiders5069d ago (Edited 5069d ago )

-- "to be honest im happy that finally nintendo goes online with their games, lag or no lag, the multiplayer feature has taken a new step when it comes to nintendo games." --

lag or no lag you're happy? True Ninty Fanboi in the House. It's ok....I just like the way you try to hide it with the veils. Come out Sidar -- come out! lol



M_Prime5070d ago

WTF is up with these people.. it was ANNOUNCED quite a bit ago that there would be this kind of separation..

I mean i play a LOT of FPS games and sometimes i hop into a UK server and i the LOWEST ping i can get is 150.. and thats pretty high in my books.. 100 is my LIMIT, after that it gets so un-enjoyabale. So this is a REALLY good idea in my books... i want smooth gameplay especially since its a fast paced game.

I would perfer them start complaining once they get people online.. if it starts lagging them i will be dissapointed but i am not concerned about the region locks because the games i play now i stick with CANADA/USA serves only.. cause even playing from LA to NY gives u a bit of lag..

Has anyone connected to an AUSSIE server.. thats SO BAD!.. same with Japan, just cause the distance..

so lets play.. and i wish this was released here b4 POKEMON..

ITR5070d ago

I rather have no-lag..then laggy game play.

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