We Need More Mario Strikers

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Way back in 2005 and the glory days of the GameCube, Nintendo released a game called Super Mario Strikers. This title offered up high-octane soccer (or football for our international) with the cast of the Super Mario Bros. franchise playing the role as soccer-superstars in this over the top sports title. Since then, we only had the chance to revisit this franchise once in the Wii title Mario Strikers: Charged in 2007, but have yet to see another installment since. Which is a shame since the franchise has gained a strong following among Nintendo fans and should be featured far more often than it has been."

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PhoenixUp964d ago

What I love best about this subseries is just how emotive the characters are in it are! This is probably the only Mario spin-off that doesn't use the same familiar voice quips that longtime fans are used to hearing, plus everyone shows off how expressive they can be if they were allowed to show more than the bare minimum of their personality in a non-RPG Mario title.

Part of that can be attributed to how Mario Strikers Charged was the first game in the Mario franchise to receive an ESRB E10+ and PEGI 7+ rating, as opposed to the E and 3+ rating that most of the games have. Characters were allowed to act with more memorable traits that haven’t really been seen anywhere else since, outside of perhaps their Super Smash Bros incarnations.

This is the game that endeared Waluigi to a greater audience thanks to his notorious crotch chop among his various other antics.