Will The PSP Need Trophies?

When Sony made a announcement about a year ago that they would be introducing a Trophy system to their PS3. Well, we can all say that it has been quite successful and was well played on Sony's part. But the question remains "Will it ever come to the PSP?".

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rCrysis3277d ago

doesn't NEED it per say, but that'd be a nice feature to have

but it wouldn't do any good with if hackers just boost their trophies etc etc.

dkblackhawk503277d ago

Yep but unlike Microsoft, Sony would find a way to protect it :D.

stb3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

see the psp free of piracy, wwhichever console that not are ps brand, arent of my concern, since ps3 is just the best step against it, though the ps3 can be hacked, but d size of d games, and bluray technology lol sony just owned them, but seeing the psp as it is, all these peopler just downloading and downloading, without any excitation of thinking about wtf are they doing, just stealing, but w/e, it would be a nice feature to have, but ss nesion said btw it seem that is hard for the hacker to do the 6th ctf of the psp, have been a while now, let see if this firmware this killed it a litle, hope so.

Blaze9293277d ago

If that were true trophies would be out on the PSP right now.

Eiffel3277d ago

Would be nice to have trophy support for some of my PSP games. Gives me a damn reason to play them again.

Mc Fadge3277d ago

Whenever the PSP2 comes out they really revamp the features

McDaygo3277d ago

I think by now its a pretty standard expectation. Trophies to Achievements it makes games and playing them all the better. Even if you don't go balls out in attaining them it's still cool when you do. To me it's one of the most underrated aspects of the current gen. It would be weird not to have them now.

Neo6043277d ago

Trophie on the Go can save some time to level up.
I'm level 6 soon with 216 trophies.
It give more purpose to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.