Big Champions Online Surprise Coming

Champions Online design director Bill Roper gave a State of the Game address to players today. He outlined some of the future content on the way and also teased a big announcement.

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Raoh3280d ago

PS3 version for Spring 2010 Released all but confirmed.

You heard it here first.

EvilCackle3280d ago

It's an idea. Could be the 360 version too.

Raoh3280d ago

They did say they wanted to make the pc and 360 version first. And they wanted to then make a ps3 version.

The only difference now is that microsft doesn't want to play nice with mmorpg's according to Square Enix and Cryptic

EvilCackle3280d ago

True. I just wouldn't write off the possibility that Cryptic and Microsoft finally came to an accord.

JeepGamer3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

At this moment the biggest surprise they could possibly pull would be to fix the bugs and other outstanding issues they've been ignoring completely in favor of their Halloween event.

Based on the article I wouldn't expect to get that "surprise" anytime this year.

Jdoki3280d ago

I know N4G is a haven of complainers, but the old saying 'vote with your wallet' applies to MMORPG's more than any other genre. If you think the game is that buggy and has that many problems it's pretty simple to stop playing.

Of course I'm making a pretty big assumption you are actually playing the game as you comment in pretty much every CO thread. Otherwise just whinging because you played 10mins in Beta, or you can't pwn everyone in PvP would be sad.

I'm having a blast! I'm not excusing the games' faults, but it is early days, and the launch was pretty solid compared to some MMORPG's I have played.

JeepGamer3279d ago

1) I canceled already
2) I've been playing since beta
3) I don't PvP

What kind of excuse is 'the game has some things wrong with it but it hasn't been out long' besides a completely lame one?

Jdoki3279d ago

How is that lame. Every MMO launched to date has had issues in the early days. I'm not excusing it, I think it's unacceptable - but it's a fact of the genre. To expect otherwise is just naive.

But you make it sound like the game has huge issues, which just isn't true. I've played 8 different character builds up to varying levels, and all have been fun (which is the most important thing). The game desperately needed some content - which I hope the Halloween event will add. Bugs? Not seen any killers so far, or even many minor ones since the first few days. It's all been solid and compared to some MMO launches I've seen it's been one of the best.

A game with such freeform character 'classes' is always going to be imbalanced which is part of the charm. It may be a bit sad if high level grouping ends up requiring very specific template builds - but in that case I hope Cryptic keep on refining the powers.