Madden NFL 07 Producer Interview

Most gamers will tell you that Madden is much more than a game: To some, it's a seasonal event, one that helps mark the passing of seasons from Summer into Fall. To others, it's a religious experience, a pilgrimage that football fans eagerly take each year as a warm-up to the NFL season. But of course, Madden evolves from year to year, and the next-gen versions of the game are no different. What is the Madden Gamer Level? What is the Hall of Fame mode? How do these affect this year's Superstar mode? IGN went to David Ortiz, Lead Producer of Madden Next-Gen, for the answers to these questions and more.

Brooklynite6175d ago

i wanna see this game on the wii

Balance6175d ago

madden kiddie version? i would think you arm would get tired waving the controller around trying the throw the ball. i have seen madden on the ps2 (same graphics as the wii) but i am ready for some next gen graphics, features and gameplay (which madden 2006 didn't have)

Brooklynite6175d ago

i like to be part of the game as much as i can and i believe the wii version would do that for me

LK6175d ago

does anyone know when the demo is coming out to xbl market.

Marriot VP6175d ago

madden 2007 is 360 only right, I'm pretty sure this is a 360 exclusive that's what they said at E3.

ghostface6175d ago

no it is not an 360 exclusive. they will be on both nex gen system.

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