John Madden talks about the virtual gridiron, the Madden Curse and life outside of the broadcasting booth

The Los Angeles Times writes:

"John Madden, the NFL legend and former broadcaster, made his call in April when he announced his retirement. But that didn't mean the 73-year-old was out of plays. Madden still relishes his role as an advisor to the video game franchise that bears his name, Madden NFL.

Although the game, published by Electronic Arts, already shipped last Friday, it is continually updated via downloads on Internet-connected game consoles such as the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. That's a feature Madden fully plans to take advantage of as he analyzes the sport from a custom-built viewing room designed to let him tune in to every live football game.

His analysis of these games will make their way into weekly updates of the game, which can also accommodate changes in the lineup due to injuries other game changers."

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