Why does Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time lack multiplayer? This question is what a lot of fans want to know and is something that's being ask repeatedly. Recently, has gotten the chance to ask TJ Fixman and James Stevenson that exact question when the two Insomniac Games-employees came to introduce their game.

"We know a lot of people regularly ask that, but we have to balance several factors," TJ Fixman said. "We could allocate time and resources to create a multiplayer, but if we check the percentage of players that actually played multiplayer in Up Your Arsenal, we barely get to one, maybe 1.5 percent of the player base. Partly based on that, we asked ourselves the question whether we would rather see two parts that are a seventy each, or whether we would rather see one part striving for a hundred." Considering the lack of multiplayer in Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, it's obvious which path Insomniac Games chose.

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callahan093280d ago

I bought it today and I'm loving it. I wouldn't even play the multiplayer if it had it. Not interested in having a shelf full of games with multiplayer. I can only get addicted to one multiplayer game at a time, and when I find my game, I get addicted for a long, long time. I was addicted to Gears of War, then Halo 3, then Warhawk, then Unreal Tournament III then Resistance 2. Currently into the MAG beta. I'm more of an offline and single-player gamer, though. I buy R&C games for their awesome stories/humor and single-player gameplay. No interest in doing R&C stuff online. I had all the PS2 versions, also, and never played the online in the ones that had it. Just don't care about it.

euchreprof3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Bubbles to above.

raztad3280d ago

I agree. With so may options to choose you cant expect to play every multiplayer game out there. Right now I'm playing KZ2 multiplayer and I'll be alternating with UC2, thats enough for me. I much prefer a long and satisfying SP campaign than a short one with a so-so multiplayer.

cyberwaffles3280d ago

i still think ratchet could've had an awesome co-op mode. upgrading weapons, gear, armor, unlockables, etc. i'd imagine the game would be kind of like world of warcraft with grinding though.

vickers5003280d ago

It would have been cool for them to spend an extra year on multiplayer (if it even takes that long) and release it then rather than release a game every year.


why don't you fkn ask yourself that ???

inbetweener3280d ago

Because it is a singleplayer game?

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