Ve3tro: Left4Dead 2 Demo, Hands On Impressions

Ve3tro writes: "I never picked a side in the boycott; if I'm honest I saw both sides of the argument. On one hand Left4Dead hasn't been out all that long and is superb in its own right, on the other hand Left4Dead 2 is bringing a whole heap of new content, dripping with blood and gore. In the UK, videogame store GAME has been offering pre release demos of the sequel for those who pre-ordered, I was one of those people and today, I got to experience Left4Dead 2 first hand. And it is good, in fact, it's great.

We all know what has changed. New special infected includes the charger, jockey and spitter, these join the original boomer, smoker, hunter and tank. There's new weapons, new grenade types, more health items, the addition of melee weapons and of course new campaigns.

The demo takes place in the first two parts of the parish campaign. Leaving a boat, arriving on the dock, everything is similar to the original. This is no bad thing. Jumping straight in with a silenced MP5 and a Machete I'm ready to slay some zombies. The first thing you notice is how different it is to fight in the daylight, this means that you can really see what's going on, sounds better? Yes it is, but it also heightens the panic as you can see what's trying to eat you."

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