Rayman Coming To DSiWare

Ubisoft's original mascot has been given the backseat thanks to the Raving Rabbids, but Rayman is finally making a return on DSiWare.

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live2play3303d ago

this is great DSIWARE is really starting to pick up!!!!! theres already PiCTOBiTs, mario vs donkey kong, boxlife, art academy, flipnote seriously these games are top of the line dsiware titles other worthy mentions are precipice, mighty flip champs, dr mario, planet puxxle league. pretty soon FLIPPER and FURRY LEGENDS will join in. DSiWARE is showing a TON of promise

BlackIceJoe3303d ago

I love this Rayman. Because Rayman is a great series. I so hope the game will be in 2d like the first Rayman game was. Plus if it can still be a side-scroller that would be great too.