Nintendo Download (10/26/09)

Nintendo has revealed which VC/WiiWare/DSiWare games are available today for download.

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Valay3282d ago

It's a shame that Castlevania isn't coming out today.

butterfinger3282d ago

that there are barely any titles worth picking up on DSiWare. Nintendo needs to bring the Virtual Console to the DSi.

SpoonyRedMage3282d ago

The DSiware isn't doing too badly, there's already a quite big list of quality stuff and a lot more coming in the near future(Europe still needs to get Mighty Flip Champs and Thorium Wars though!). The DSiware isn't an App store, it's not supposed to have hundreds of cheap games that you'll only forget about after a day.

I'd love a virtual handheld service though.

butterfinger3282d ago

Nintendo needs to stop treating the DSiWare as a quasi-app store with cheap things like the Mario clock, calculator, and such. I still can't wait to play Clayfighter 63 1/3 on the DSi next year when it's finally available. Also, I'm not sure if you all saw this a while back, but apparently Nintendo confirmed a DSi virtual console that will start off with GB, GBC, and GBA first party games at launch. Keep in mind that Denise Kaigler denied these claims as recently as September, but that most likely means nothing as Nintendo will want to make this a fairly big announcement.

SpoonyRedMage3282d ago

Yer, I saw that a while back and Nintendo are known for constantly denying stuff and then making a big announcement about it. There's also the leaked DSispeak channel.

I agree they don't need the small apps stuff but I think they may have been filler until developers were ready with their games and not all of it is bad, a calculator can be useful for instance. The DSiware is much more like the Wiiware than the App store though.

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Nugan3282d ago

Holy wow, Zombies Ate my Neighbors! I didn't think that would ever hit VC. Now we just need a sequel.