Exclusive Geometry Wars Wii Interview

Both Xbox and Nintendo fans were shocked earlier this week when it emerged that Geometry Wars, the awesome arcade shooter that's made its home on Xbox Live Aracde, is making its way to DS and Wii.

As well as remakes of Geometry Wars Evolved, the new game, entitled Geometry Wars: Galaxies, will also pack a brand new, fully-fledge single-player campaign.

CVG got in contact with Vivendi Games' senior producer on the project, Roger Carpenter, who told them what to expect from the new Nintendo-bound editions of the series.

They also got three exclusive screenshots for you too.

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PS360WII4792d ago

-What I can say is that Geometry Wars: Galaxies is a Nintendo exclusive crazy that they aren't putting out on marketplace as well but it's pretty sweet to be able to play this game on the Wii/DS.

-Both versions have more online leaderboards. Hurray for that!

and there will be the Wii/DS connectivity for this title as well ^^

sticky doja4792d ago

Even though its not going to be on Live I am still looking forward to it, although I would love the achievment points. The Wii controller system, however, seems a very good fit for the game. I am reallly looking forward to it.

eques judicii4792d ago

it seems to indicate the direction you are pointing witha white star... seems to me that you could lose track of which direction you are firing pretty easily... (i know i lose track in the 360 version and i always know which way i'm pointing because of the analog stick)

also... bummer this is getting downgraded... the screenshots are full of jaggies.

PS360WII4792d ago

sorry eques but if your looking at graphics for this it was already downgraded. Look at geo wars 360 and then look at blast factor ps3. Now before you hate me I'm NOT saying ps3 > 360. I AM saying Blast Factor > Geo Wars.

eques judicii4792d ago

geometry wars can't have been "downgraded" from blast factor... they are different games... and mutant storm on the 360 looked a lot better than gw but the gameplay wasn't as good... what i meant was that on my 50" DLP GW plays with no jaggies and is very clean looking... the drop from 720p (or is it rendered even higher?) to 480p is a big one and really makes the game look older...

I never said that GW had amazing graphics... just a cleanliness that I think the wii version (and definitely the ds version) are going to lack...

PS360WII4792d ago

okay okay I'm at foul. I just can't get past this graphics downgrade thing thou. I myself have a 42 plasma and when I'm playing the Wii on it my eyes don't bleed. In fact I'm quite pleased with what's on the screen. I get that GW can't be a downgrade from a different game but GW wasn't even close to pushing out high quality pictures anyways. It already was jaggy but it was colorful

edit: oh yeah the DS version will deffinatly not have the cleanlyness not all heh

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