alettyo5092d ago

megaton indeed

out of curiosity
what happens to Sony's own video store?
wouldn't that become obsolete?

Sanzee5092d ago (Edited 5092d ago )

What happens to all the PS3 supporters who dissed on Netflix just because it was on the Xbox 360? Surely they won't support it now.

Theoneneo815092d ago

no netflix only has about 12,000 movies and very limted hd movies but its still pretty good ive been using my xbox and its good they have all 5 seasons on the office wich i watch constantly lol

thedisagreefairy5092d ago

they are reborn into netlfix fans.

im a ps3 owner and im thrilled i can get this on my ps3 now.

Read my comment below to see why netflix on the ps3 will be great combined with the video store.

LordMarius5091d ago (Edited 5091d ago )

Netflix here I come

droid and bot5091d ago

i got an xbox and i already dont use it
i just like to hold what i buy in my hands

shadow27975091d ago

"What happens to all the PS3 supporters who dissed on Netflix just because it was on the Xbox 360?"

Probably the same thing that happened to the people who ragged on the PS3 for being a movie machine when the original Netflix + Xbox news broke.

Aclay5091d ago

I guess Microsoft must have had a 1 year contract of exclusivity with Netflix.... the amount of things that were heavily touted to be "Xbox Exclusive" this gen. that eventually made their way to the PS3 is just crazy.

I'm calling it right now, next year I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook and Twitter comes to the PS3.

On Topic: I'll personally stick with Blu-ray, but it's good to see that PS3 owners will have even more options for entertainment in addition to the PSN Video store and BD's.

Dragun6195091d ago (Edited 5091d ago )

Netflix probably saw how much PS3 units sold in US last month along with how much it sold in three weeks world wide.

NPD September PS3 - 491,800 units sold
Worldwide - 1 Million units in three weeks

Netflix dude #1 " Holy Sheit, Look how units they sold!"

Netflix dude #2 "Quick, End our contract with Microsoft, lets get a jump on these new PS3s!!"

Sony's Dark Vader " Muhahaha, its all coming together"

End Dramatic reenactment

In the end, Netflix just is another welcome addition to what is already at a great value, the PS3.

PSN Video Store, Bluray, or Netflix . PS3 = choice.
Now PS3 is the most complete entertainment console out there in the market.
Well, for those that want to sign up for Netflix, here it is.

Marceles5091d ago

Welp that's one thing XBL supporters can scratch off of their "con" list for why XBL is superior. Once cross game chat comes, I really want to hear why XBL it's better...and if the answer is "because more people use it" then they're trapped in a corner lol.

MasFlowKiller5091d ago (Edited 5091d ago )

and i just got a 360 so i can watch netflix, lol
i guess ill keep it for the exclusive DLC
wish they made more game for it.

this is a huge victory for sony, when they say "it only does everything"
they meant it only does EVERYTHING

Plays Blu Rays
Plays DVDs
Downloads Movies Via PSN - Watch Movies on Wifi spot with PSP
Steam Movies Via PSN

Stream Movies Via Netflix
& u dont need to play sony to access this service on PSN, i never understood why microsoft is making me pay 50 a year(i know is not just to access netflix) so i can pay netflix another 8 a month, they should make it so that even silver member can access netflix

ohh i almost forgot
it plays the highest rated exclusive of 2008 & 2009 and most likely 2010

i wonder if they will do some type of connectivity with the PSP?


This is NOT going to Kill The video store, in the Vidoe store i can see recent episodes from my favorite shows something netflix doesn't have but netflix has a huge back catalog, if i want to watch the last episode of family guy just stream it on PSN or watch the first episode of lost just ill go to netflix, this is a win win, and no sony fee for having my system online

Simon_Brezhnev5091d ago

good new for fellow ps3 owners i still rather download my movies and stream them myself since its free :)

saint_john_paul_ii5091d ago

Nothing, they have more choice. still blu-ray is the best way to watch a movie.

Highatus5091d ago

Yea i'm thinking so. I'm in Canada, Don't have it on my 360, nor do i have the Video Store on my PS3 unfortunately :(

Golfcoachh5091d ago

Almost every blu ray player that has been coming out lately already offers netflix. So meh.

slayorofgods5091d ago

They are no longer just a side attraction for the xbox 360 and now have multiple sources to really take advantage of online distribution.

Now that they got their wish, I hope they work on their product. I want to see more movies that I actually want to watch and regular updates to the movie selection before I buy into netflix for my PS3.

iamtehpwn5091d ago (Edited 5091d ago )

This is what made Xbox360 compete with Playstation 3 in terms of a movie machine. Ps3 now has the Playstation Movie Store, Netflix, DVD, AND bluray.

Playstation, once again, is the entertainment industry driver.

JonnyBigBoss5091d ago

"I'm calling it right now, next year I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook and Twitter comes to the PS3."

The PlayStation 3 has a web browser that runs both just like on a PC (the intended platform).

deadreckoning6665091d ago (Edited 5091d ago )

Good for PS3 owners. I was planning on buying a 360 this year for the supposedly superior online, but I dont see a point now. Also with the possibility of Valve jumping on PS3, I no longer see a reason to get a 360 anymore.

SnuggleBandit5091d ago

another one bites the dust...

jmare5091d ago

No, the video store would not become obsolete. Unless I'm mistaken, you can't buy movies or shows from Netflix but you can through the video store. Granted, it would be just as easy to stream them from Netflix, but you wouldn't be able to keep it.

ThanatosDMC5091d ago

Yeah, im kinda curious about PS vid store? Just another option or what?

dragunrising5091d ago

It was only a matter of time. I will use Netflix with the console that has the best interface.

Reserve your Netflix disc before everyone else does.

slayorofgods5091d ago (Edited 5091d ago )

netflix online does not offer new releases and still has a limited selection. The vid store currently has a much better selection of movies as far as being popular. Netflix online generally offers movies that are somewhat out of the public's eye.

Still Netflix streaming movies has potential of growing.

sunnygrg5091d ago

Ok, I am now cancelling my "Renews every year" LIVE membership. The facebook and twitter features dont appeal to me at all.