3rd Person View in Modern Warfare 2?

While live broadcasting a copy of the game someone got it early, he was playing in third person. This very well may be the "big secret" Robert Bowling was hinting at.

The broadcaster was playing OFFLINE...this is not yet confirmed for ONLINE.

Notice the CROSSHAIRS (for COD4 if it were spectator mode they aren't shown).

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The_Darkest_Red3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Are you kidding? There is no way they would put 3rd person view in MW2, the multiplayer aspect of the game would be COMPLETELY different. Everyone who has been playing Uncharted 2 knows what I'm talking about, when you are in 3rd person you can look around corners without actually moving your character to "look" around them. Not to mention you have insane peripheral vision compared to a 1st person game. I refuse to believe this.

Note that I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing to do in a game, I love the multiplayer of Uncharted 2 for instance, but it completely changes the game. You wouldn't even be able to play in 1st person because of the severe disadvantage you would have to cope with.

Maybe if it was only single player it would be a little more believable but I still don't think they will put it in the game at all.


evrfighter3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

um wtf?

WildArmed3279d ago

yeah its fake. Look at ths stiff animations + crappy video quality + the speed of those message on the top right screen prove its some1's lame attempt to coz an uproar

Timesplitter143279d ago

What if it's just a replay feature?

HolyOrangeCows3279d ago

You see their crosshairs in spectator mode in MW2.

sunnygrg3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Looks like a straight ripoff from the pages of SOCOM.

redgaurd3279d ago

agree this is fake. There is no way they would do this at all!!!

ZombieAutopsy3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

i think 402 just kinda comfirmed it, but who knows.

"Just an FYI, if you're wanting a spoiler free and pure Modern Warfare 2 experience, now would be a good time for a media blackout. #MW2" — fourzerotwo

also check out this article

Xbox Avatars Shoe3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

This canNOT be true because then what would be the use of the gun attachments like different sites and scopes. What would be the point of attaching the heartbeat sensor or the red dot site if you can't see/use them? If this 3rd person was REAL, everybody would just run around with a silencer and grenade launcher since. Plus, CoD has always been about realism like aiming down the sites as if you were holding a real gun but a 3rd person view would mess that up. Not to mention those animations were crap and if that 3rd person view was intentionally put in place by IW, the animations would be fluid and smooth. The animation when he climbed the ladder was horrendous!

Also, IW has said MW2 will NOT have customizable characters because it's an FPS and you don't see your own character an in FPS. Why would they shoot down a much wanted feature, like customizable characters, for a completely invalid reason? Even if they were hiding the 3rd person view, they wouldn't deny character customization. IW usually doesn't plain-out lie, they say stuff like "You'll have to play the game to find out" or "We're not talking about that right now."

It's not like games cannot be hacked; CoD4 was hacked on PS3 and coincidently the guy in this video is playing on PS3. I'm not saying it's easier to hack PS3, it's just that CoD4 was already hacked on PS3 and MW2's coding can't be much different.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"While live broadcasting a copy of the game someone got it early"

Um, what? Oh, video game "journalism"...

p0Wer3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

It's probably just some cheat that you unlock and can enable after collecting 30 intel within the game. Just like how you could play MW1 in black&white, etc.

IW are NOT stupid enough to put this into multiplayer, at least I think so.



Madusha3279d ago

@Xbox Avatars Shoe:

"Um, what? Oh, video game "journalism"... "

Just so you know...the whole article was written by "tosh61" and he/she does not belong to the YourEMGN staff. Tosh61 needed a website to host this article as his original submission linked directly to a YouTube Video and that is not allowed according to the n4g posting guidelines.

Founder of YourEMGN

mauleriscool3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Here is a video of him playing first person

prabx3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

fast forward to 3:28 & o.0 !!!

Looks like you have to go upto 60 rank level to be able to go to next prestige -_-

Look_Behind3279d ago

I played COD4 in 3rd person by typing
set cg_thirdperson 1 <--- Something like that.
into my gamesave (Its patched now but you can do it in splitscreen).
It looks like this is now an actual option in private match. Hopefully it displays private matches in a list like on RFOM and obviously the host would password it to make private if he wants.

StanLee3279d ago

Sadly, it seems to be true. The problem is, Call of Duty wasn't animated to be a 3rd person shooter so the animations are stiff with character sprites poorly animated. Why this would be compelling to anyone is beyond me.

aceitman3278d ago

its replay mode like uncharted

Tapewurm3278d ago

I hope this is real. I starting liking the tactical shooter genre mainly due to Socom...this will be a welcome change in my eyes. Uncharted 2's multiplayer is a blast, but this could be what Socom: Confrontation was supposed to be (Even though recent patches have made Socom: Confrontation much better than it was at launch). I hope Zipper takes notice and puts 3rd person view in MAG as well. That is if this is true. I know I may be in the minority here with this view, but I simply prefer the option to have the 3rd person view.

Bits-N-Kibbles3278d ago

I'd be more likely to break the bank and buy it if it had online option for 3rd person shooter. Most likely it won't though because MW is too fast pace kill everything before you get killed than tactical 3rd person SOCOM.

If MW2 is anything like COD4 (I'm pretty sure its damn close) then 3rd person probably wouldn't be too good with the gameplay style.

likedamaster3278d ago

Don't get your panties in a bunch, everyone knows this is not what MW2 will be. I thought Crysis would've worked better in 3rd person, personally. But I also thought Red Faction Guerrilla would have been better in 1st person.

frostypants3278d ago

Not sure why anyone is disagreeing with The_Darkest_Red. He's absolutely correct. 3rd person view would completely change the dynamic of the game. It effectively eliminates your ability to ambush or sneak up behind people, because people are no longer restricted to the eye-level viewpoint of their character.

If CoD institutes a 3rd person view, I have no reason to buy it. I play CoD for FPS. Gears on the 360 and Uncharted 2 on the PS3 have the 3rd person aspect cornered. It's just not what people play CoD for, and to institute 3rd person would defy the entire basis of the series. Nevermind that CoD lacks the canned-cover system necessary...

Christopher3278d ago

I think it would be a great option for the single player game. I definitely would only play in third-person if I had the option.

The Lazy One3278d ago

3rd person ruined Ghost Recon. That game was so much fun to play online before they made it 3rd person.

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life doomer3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

wtf, this has to be fake.

edit:@The_Darkest_Red, you are fast at editing.

swiftshot933279d ago


This cant be the big secret, its TOO damn huge!

I think the secret was that you fight in D.C., this is just....crazy.

tosh613279d ago

no this is straight from the live stream...screenshotted. I didn't fake this!!

tosh613279d ago

if you watched the live stream (he ended jsut shortly ago) you saw the 3rd person. ITS REAL.