The Five Coolest Weapons In Games

InsideGamer writes: "Donkey Kong used wooden barrels used to Mario at bay, while Pacman simply, at certain times, the ghosts devoured. Since the advent of the First-Person Shooter are however slightly more sophisticated weapons. Handguns, shotguns, grenade launchers, rail guns, shooting many witnesses over the years have passed in review. When it comes to most guns in a game, then it seems that the newly published Borderlands arms race that will win. I have not yet heard all the weapons in the game has counted, but there are reportedly about 500,000. Of course there are many weapons in that tiny way to differ, but still."

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randomwiz3280d ago

the best pistol ever - resistance 2 magnum.

Bathyj3280d ago

Oh hell yeah. I like the original Halo pistol, but the R2 one was great. You could set traps with it, it was awesome.

BiggCMan3280d ago

R.Y.N.O or the supernova from ratchet and clank, along with a handful of other weapons from the games could be on a list all by themselves

NoBias3280d ago

I still think the tek-bow was badass.

foxtheory3280d ago

But the gravity gun should be first. It ALWAYS should be first!! xD

Bathyj3280d ago

The Cerebal Bore wins this list everytime they have one.

I'd definately put it at second thou.

Is 3 red shells considered a weapon?

Good list.

foxtheory3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

are definitely considered a weapon, and a badass one at that!!

And I will say that the Cerebral Bore is downright vicious, but the gravity gun is at least MY favorite.

Bathyj3280d ago

Well if I had a dollar for everytime I killed someone in Battlemode on Mariokart 64 in the first 10 secs after getting 3 red shells right away...

Actually I didn't do it that often.

For the sake of friendship we decided I shouldn't take more than 2 balloons at a time, especially at the start. 2 were fair game but.

My friends hated me on that game.

DiffusionE3280d ago

How did everyone forget about the Experimental MIRV from Fallout 3?

ryano232773280d ago

Yeah that would get my vote.

Even the 1 shot Fat Man is impressive.

edhe3280d ago

No contest.

although grav gun was great, it doesn't count as a gun imho, as it's a tool that turns things into weapons, not a weapon itself until it's supercharged.

Nothing beats the shock combos [shoot secondary fire with the primary fire] of original Unreal Tournament, not when you're popping off multiple dodge combos from halfway across the map splattering foes everywhere with elite skills. The goop gun is also ftw.

For me, I'd also choose the Boltok in Gears: popping multiple heads per clip in horde is good for making trouser tents as your buddies all witness your awesome.

Bathyj3280d ago

Thats Weapons, not guns.

And one could argue by your rational that if the Gravity Gun isnt a weapon until its supercharged, a gun isnt a weapon until its loaded.

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The story is too old to be commented.