BeefJack: Need For Speed: Shift Review

BeefJack writes: "My dad is a car guy. He owns a red '67 Dotson, recently sold his blue '66 Malibu, and has spent days in the garage restoring a black '68 Roadrunner. Compared to him, I ride in a totally different style. To my father's perpetual shame, I instead spent days on my computer grinding Dragonmaw rep for that Netherdrake. I was blown away when I found out he had read The Hobbit - just as he was blown away when he found out I once managed to use a wrench to tighten a loose windshield wiper."

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WIIIS13282d ago

This guy sounds like a neophyte in racing games, so NFS is really the perfect game for him to start out on. When he graduates to the next level, he will appreciate the more sim-like controls of GT. And when he's finally ready for real world driving and absolute car-enthusiasm, he'll completely fall in love with the definitive experience provided by Forza 3.

xboxman083282d ago

enough said for all you fools that say that GT Is better the Forza and neither of them has been released in the US