Sony sued over Blu-ray

California company alleges patent infringements in PS3 maker's latest optical disc technology.

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MikeJonesOK4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssshhhhhhhhhh ... well, it's gamespot...nevermind. bluray lives!

Lord Anubis4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

"Target is seeking a permanent injunction preventing Sony from violating its patent rights in the future, as well as damages with interest, multiplied due to what it characterizes as deliberate and willful infringement."

willful infringement, unless sony had worked with target willful infringement is meant as a joke. No compnay will go Patent hunting. Multiplier will be denied unless proven wrong.

ReconHope4792d ago

quotes of the day.

"For those that dont understand what this is sayin... Target is sueing sony for the type of materials that blu-ray uses in its media disks. Plain and simple, Blu-ray has to do with the laser not the disk. Example, you burn a cd using a DVD burner. It doesn't instatly change that disc into a DVD its still a CD-Rom. IF!!!! Sony looses this case. All They would have to do is develope a new disc, not the blu-ray technology! So just calm down ppl."

"It's always better to sue once you know there's a substantial amount of money to be made. Who cares if it was infringing on a patent when it first came"

"May 21 headline "Sony shares hit 5 year high"... now lawsuit.. 2+2=4 here people.. Greed is thine enemy! "

4791d ago
kewlkat0074792d ago

companies are so senaky, and they lay dormant and stike as fast as a Cobra, after everything is said and done.

Lord Anubis4792d ago

That reminds me of Microsoft trying to sue Open Source Community to scare vendors into licensing their technology or even worst, their operating system.

Antan4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

Hey, GGRREEAATT find Jason, well done. News at eleven!...............

Seriously though, this will end up absolutely nowhere!!

fenderputty4792d ago

try so hard to find negative Sony news. It's actually rather amusing how much attention these people pay to the PS3 when they hate it so much.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

News is news, if you don't like it don't read it. I didn't write it and I don't go looking for negative news, I just happened to come across this. I don't go looking for PS3 news, Why don't you look at my past submisions and you will see I post all news equally. I may be a 360 fan and I'm biased about my choice but reporting news for one side is wrong I have "ethics" This is a news site for gamers good or bad you can't be selective just because you don't like what it says. Get a clue dude I see news good and bad on all the consoles. What do you want everyone to report news for the PS3 only? then go to a f**king PS3 site.

on a personal note you can kiss my ass. I been submiting news on here for almost a year now, so again kiss my ass.

f**king PS3 fans I swear bunch of whining freaking babys "I dont like this news it talks bad about the PS3, I'm going to go sign a petition and complain everyday" wah wah wah wah boo hoo boo hoo f**king loser. Why don't you go cry at the PS3 forums at least you will only get PS3 news there.

achira4792d ago

jason i ask myself how much brain you have ? lol, why do you hate so much. i mean you must have fallen on your head. every normal person would say that you are ill in your head. i mean come on, i think xbox360 is crap, but you dont see me in the xbox360 section, and you dont see me collecting bs articles about the xbox360. why ? because i am not as ill as you are. period. the same goes for the mart. both very ill. go to a psychiator.

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