Celebrate 15 Years of Suikoden with New Arrangement Albums

Konami is celebrating 15 years of Suikoden with a series of new arrangement albums for vocals and piano. The first album has been announced for January 2010, and will feature two songs from each game in the series, one redone with a vocalist and the other in a piano format. The Suikoden series has a long history of excellence in the music department, so fans should have a lot to look forward to.

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Masta_Killa5375d ago

Celebrating it with Suikoden VI for PS3?

Redempteur5375d ago

That would be the most logical choice IMO But some people at konami aren't thinking straight i guess.

Sériously ..after Suiko 5 , and seing how they tried a suiko 2 style with 3d graphics and managed to pull it off nicely .. you could expect someone to try to push another opus for the next-gen ..

ThanatosDMC5375d ago

Also, porting all the Suikoden games from the PS2 to PSP would be nice. I mean, From Software ported Armored Core 3 exactly how it was... minus the controls but still made it work.

Naar5375d ago

So we can Celebrate with you :)

Perkel5375d ago

give us more suikoden (it's only suikoden 1 on psn store :/


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