BaSeBaLlKiD7215357d ago

both looks pretty much the same but the PS3 wins with better textures.

The Creep5357d ago

both looks pretty much the same but the PS3 wins with better textures'


lee829885357d ago

game trailers get no respect from this ps3 fan

Chaos Striker5357d ago

The PS3 version looks a little blurred, but this could be due to the Quincunx AA. But honestly, its not a deal breaker for me because the differences won't be noticeable 99% of the time.

Dawg Odd5357d ago

Well i own b-lands on both the 360 and ps3 for one reason, i like the ps controller but sadly no one has a mic online, xbox i dont encounter mic less people vary often, but graphically they look like clones but i have noticed that the load times in the ps3 are a faster, not by a land slide. only thing that would make this game cooler is if i could transfer a gun from the ps3 to the xbox or vice versa, but sadly we are a long way from that functionality, or be able to play with people on the other system, got a lot of friends on live, would make things better.


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Chriswheeler22503d ago

The Pursuer from Dark Spuls 2 was great, I think the author just sucks at games.

philm87502d ago

The Godskin Duo is a great fight


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