Folklore Video Interview

Get ready for a world filled with magic and mystery.

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kewlkat0074588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

and it got me Interested but, Is this game all Magic Based?

I see that all the buttons on the right have a specific spells pinned to it, and whoever is playing just keeps on pressing whichever button, and moving around, Is that all?

Is it in the same category as DMC series?

fenderputty4588d ago

This was meant to be a reply to 2.1. lol sorry.

to me, the most addicting aspect to RPG's is the ability to make one's character change and grow over the course of the game. It seems like an interesting combinations of RPG/ACTION for sure.

I also think the sixaxis use will be good. It nice to see games come up with fresh new ideas to impliment motion control into the games.

fenderputty4588d ago

and those two people go through two related yet different stories. That gives this game some level or replay value that other games in this genre might not have.

I don't think this fits exactly into the DMC classification either. It is an RPG/Action game. So while there is a need to hit buttons, it doesn't look like your basic combo system. Being able to pull abilites off of the enimies you fight with the sixaxis is a GREAT idea too. That's got to add to the gameplay aspect of it. Plus one gets to switch through the abilities learned as each enemy is weak and strong against different things.

kewlkat0074588d ago

are using the SIXAXIS in some way, I wonder if it works well with the game and such. Yeah it does look good. I like these types of games is probably why. Ninja Gaiden, DMC, Castlevania, they are like half and half, because the character gets major UPGRADES through out the Game/Story. So there is some type of RPG mixed with ACTION elements in all of those games.

r10004588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

I have been looking for a game to break into the RPG genre (just about had it with the million FPS's that I've come to the conclusion are the same crap over and over again) and this is looking like it will be the game for me

WTF.... I've about had it with the stupid a$$ website... I've barely been on or added comments on this site for almost a month... I come here today and make a couple comments nothing fanboyish.. AND I'M DOWN TO ONE BUBBLE....

Cartesian3D4588d ago

nice art style.. and nice animations.. really next gen animations and F'in smooth attacks.. :)

Ps3ShellShock4588d ago

looks great and like the fact you can pick who u want to play as.

but i need more detail of the game b4 i make its purchase. i think IGN review will make me buy it or not as their pretty good in rating games

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