Wii / DS connectivity announced

Ubisoft have announced the details of the first game to use Wii / DS connectivity.

According to Ubisoft, My Word Coach is being developed alongside linguists to allow gamers to "improve their verbal communication and vocabulary in a fun way." Presumably this doesn't include colloquialisms, but you never know.

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Firewire4586d ago

Now who's copying who! Nintendo sucks!

RedSeven4586d ago

...and this is why you only have one bubble.

PS360WII4586d ago

copying what the GC to GBA connectivity?

gta_cb4586d ago

RedSeven is correct, oh and all businesses will copy the good parts from one another, which is why we the consumers get the best in the end, except sometimes with the price. i hope no one copies Sony with the price.

(not trying to start a flamewar).