Rumored PlayStation Store Content for 10/22/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "This week, after numerous delays, Trine finally makes it to the North American PlayStation Store. If you didn't buy Critter Crunch (shame on you!) then make sure to try the demo releasing this week. With the Halloween theme going on right now in the PS Store, we hope to see Burn Zombie Burn 2D! and possibly the long rumored Resident Evil 2 PSOne Classic. PSP owners should be on the lookout for Half Minute Hero, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars."

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Gantz5360d ago

I love Oddworld and I will certainly download them - but where is Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 9 - PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME.... :(

Jake11115360d ago

Oddworld.... Trine?

UC2 is like playing through a movie in the single player. The multiplayer co-op is an addition I wasnt expecting. Trust me, all you need is this game and it will keep you busy for months....

JL5360d ago

Nice to finally see Trine show up. Though at this point I'm going to have to agree with ^that guy, I'm just way too busy with UC2 (and a couple others) that Trine is going to take a backseat right now. But I'll definitely get around to it. Been anticipating that game.

ThanatosDMC5359d ago (Edited 5359d ago )

Trine was announced to be coming this update on facebook and on the blog. I wish they'd bundle Oddworld for a cheaper price.

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Lifewish5360d ago

Trine is a bit too late for me as i have already purchased Critter Crunch and would rather buy Muchroom Wars. I am considering the OddWorld games

themyk5360d ago

the first two oddworlds are soo awesome.

SuperStrokey11235360d ago

I never actually played anything oddworld, care to tell me what they are about? What types of games they are?

themyk5360d ago

their odd games played in worlds.

ok they are a platform based games that were super awesome for their time. and they had a dark humor and a great story.

if you pick them up you'll love them.

HardcoreGamer5360d ago

oddworld was some fun stuff. but it completely changed when it hit xbox i think ms messed them up. or it could be because it was a shift in console generation and that they went with 3d worlds etc

i think oddwold should of stayed 2d style with some amazing animations

SuperStrokey11235360d ago (Edited 5360d ago )

Why the hell would someone disagree with me asking a question about a game? Thats just stupid. WTF is happening to this place.

Should have seen that disagree coming lol

RecSpec5360d ago

It's very fun. But if you want to try it out and are short on cash, I suggest the second one over the first.

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Relientk775360d ago

I would like a Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time Demo thatd be cool

its nice the Oddworld games are coming to the PSN, but I am waiting for Munch's Odyssesy and Stranger's Wraith cuz I havnt played them (cuz they were xbox exclusive)

JL5360d ago

I don't know why this site lists it as a rumor that the demo will come, but Sony themselves has confirmed that the first of two Ratchet demos will be coming tomorrow.


calis5360d ago

Ratchet demo is tempting but i am getting it day 1 so i dont want to spoil it in any way.

DoucheVader5360d ago

Trine should ring in at $20 I am thinking.

R&C Demo would be beast.

Close_Second5360d ago

...PSN store it was $34. Way too higher price for the game so around $20 US sounds about right.

JL5360d ago

$20? Seriously? If that's true, that might just bump Trine off my list. Just not paying that much for the game.