Why the Guitar Hero and Rock Band Series Failed

Music rhythm games dominated the video game market in the mid-2000s. Unfortunately, the genre would fall from grace shortly after finding success.

darthv721107d ago

More like faded away than failed. Failed implies it was new and didnt take off... that is not the case. Rhythm games were hugely popular but the lights dimmed and the show is over.

You would think the current situation would cause a resurgence but im actually seeing more people picking up real instruments and learning to play. My son is one who started out on GH and now he plays real guitar.

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toxic-inferno1107d ago

I also got into playing guitar through Guitar Hero and Rock Band. And I know at least three other people who did the same.

Still get Rock Band out a few times a year. I really don't think you can say it failed when they're still bring out DLC every week! They must be making enough money from it to keep the licensing going!

Abnor_Mal1107d ago

Basically the reason the artist Prince did not want his music on those types of games. As he believed it was better for kids to actually learn to play a real instrument than to play with toys that really did not teach how to read music and how to actually play an instrument correctly.

A lot of music now a days is just done on a sound board and the creator has no real clue if the music was put on a sheet in front of them to play. The term musician has taken on a new meaning in recent times.

SpeedDemon1107d ago

I lost interest when they stopped allowing you to use the controller to play with, just couldn't get into playing with the guitar.

TheHan1107d ago

Rock band 4 allows controller. Though I just bought RB4 again so I can replay my favorite music rhythm game.

SpeedDemon1107d ago

I didn't know that. I haven't played a lot of Rock Band, but have a lot of Guitar Hero, I'll definitely check it out.

addictedtochaos1107d ago

Not the sole reason, but over saturation by Activision releasing 5 GH games in one year, charging full price for all of them while only Metallica and GH5 were worth it.

cell9891107d ago

I still play the Metallica edition

Gaming4Life19811107d ago

I dont think these games failed at all. People aren't going to keep buying games and peripherals over and over. All songs need to work on either rockband or guitar hero thru updates. Guitar hero live was actually good but rockband with all its songs and same equipment killed it.

Sophisticated_Chap1107d ago

I'm sure part of the reason they faded away, at least over the long term, was that you couldn't download them digitally.

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