N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Preview

From GameDaily : "Tetsuya Mizuguchi knows his stuff. I know this. I met him, spoke with him, and dug into his head a little bit as a game producer and the main driving force behind Q Entertainment, his infamous development team. This is the same man who brought us Sega Rally, Rez, and Lumines, among other games, and his team is plenty busy with a number of ambitious projects. So, then, why would he stray off the beaten path a bit with a game that looked like a super-charged take on Dynasty Warriors?"

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PS360PCROCKS6172d ago

I've yet to decide on this game, I'm thinking they should definitely give us a demo, and one for bullet witch too, I have a japanese account, all I need is the demos

Dazzboi3606172d ago

How did you get a japanese account?