N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Preview

From GameDaily : "Tetsuya Mizuguchi knows his stuff. I know this. I met him, spoke with him, and dug into his head a little bit as a game producer and the main driving force behind Q Entertainment, his infamous development team. This is the same man who brought us Sega Rally, Rez, and Lumines, among other games, and his team is plenty busy with a number of ambitious projects. So, then, why would he stray off the beaten path a bit with a game that looked like a super-charged take on Dynasty Warriors?"

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PS360PCROCKS6485d ago

I've yet to decide on this game, I'm thinking they should definitely give us a demo, and one for bullet witch too, I have a japanese account, all I need is the demos

Dazzboi3606485d ago

How did you get a japanese account?


Games With The Most Ridiculous Body Counts

Only in gaming can you engage in multiple planet-clearing world wars or explosive shootouts where one man somehow takes on hundreds of opponents. There's stiff competition as to which game really has the highest body count, so to make it simpler here we're going to generally avoid anything that's too “big picture” in the death department. Check out the top games with the most ridiculous body counts now!


Don't Expect Xbox Exclusive Ninety-Nine Nights 3 Anytime Soon

"Back in 2006 Microsoft Game Studios published a little game that went by the name of Ninety-Nine Nights, a hack-and-slash title of sorts not unlike the Dynasty Warriors series of game, except Ninety-Nine Nights was a Microsoft exclusive." The Games Cabin

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chrish19903391d ago

I know right? Just think what this game could have been on the Xbox One.

chrish19903390d ago

The only reason I didn't mention PS4/PC is because the series is originally an Xbox exclusive, so if there was a third it would most likely appear on xbox one.

But yeah, it'd look great on either.

DallasTrout3391d ago

Wow, the last game had one million troops! Just think how many this one will have!

chrish19903391d ago

* would have had. It's not happening.

slasaru013390d ago

The second part gave me wow feeling at the very first level, where there was battlefield, smoke and particles in the air. Looked amazing. And insane QTEs on bosses

miyamoto3390d ago

What is even more sad is

Takayuki Fujii, best known as the guy who makes everything extreme (and the lead producer of Nintey-Nine Nights II), is leaving Konami.

“It’s been great 20 years of creation,” Fujii said on Twitter. “Thanks for all who supported, loved my titles. Farewell and may the extreeeeemeness be with Konami.”

Fujii did not say where he’ll be going, but he’ll still be extreme, and by the sound of it, he isn’t retiring.

Read more at http://gematsu.com/2014/12/...

Agent_hitman3390d ago

Whenever I hear about that game (Ninety nine nights) I can't help but to reminisce konami's most funniest E3 ever.

"Wannmm Mireyommmmm Trooooppppzzzzz" lol

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Eudemons Online Valentine Items Revealed; Ninety-Nine Nights Characters to Make Cameo Appearance

TQ Digital has revealed the plans for their upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations in the free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), Eudemons Online. Set to feature special new outfits and the appearance of two popular Ninety-Nine Nights Characters, the celebrations in Eudemons Online are sure to catch the attention of many gamers worldwide.

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