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Gameinfomer writes: "Stellar Co-Op And A Masterful Blending Of Genres Make The Apocalypse Fun Again"

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swiftshot934383d ago

Its great seeing this game get great reviews, looks like we have 2 sleeper hits this year. Congrats to Gearbox! Didnt think much of this game until now, but there are so many other good games..

rdgneoz34383d ago

Hopefully it gets the sales it deserves. Coming out this time of year with a bunch of big names hurts some of the lesser known great games.

Myst4383d ago

Yeah it's really amazing how a few months ago it was quite calm, now I feel like we got slapped with all these great games coming out at once...

Sarcasm4383d ago

Agreed. The hits keep on coming. Based on a lot of videos, I like the gameplay already compared to Fallout 3. Although I still don't like the art style too much. I'm going to at least rent this game though.

skagrerrrr4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

and ready for pickup in the morning!

Just love the replayability & gameplay!

TooTall194383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

but I can say so far so awesome. Just found myself a Jakobs rifle thats pretty sweeet. Didn't expect encounters to be this intense! I have to sleep for a few hours then back on my PS3 early in the morning.

McRad4383d ago

Yeah I'm level 26 right now, there's going to be some fun times ahead of this one due to the massive damn amounts of loot and the co-op. I've yet to come across an orange named item though (ultra rare).

Feral Gamer4383d ago

Well, I wasn't expecting these good scores. I was thinking it would average about 7.5. Looks like I was wrong. I'm sort of surprised with Gearbox's track record of "average" scoring games.

I'm picking up my copy at 10am.

ThanatosDMC4383d ago

Now, im really itching to buy two copies for co-op.

Oh, im wondering for those who have the game all ready. I know that there's an ability for loot disputes and you can "kill" your teammate for an item. Do they balance out the fight between two people with differing levels that are way far apart or does the one with the highest level always wins the duel???

raztad4383d ago

I'm still on the fence regarding this game. I'm gonna wait it reach the bargain bin. It looks interesting and the FPS + RPG experience looks to be much better than Fallout 3, but I dont like this quote

"While Borderlands and Fallout 3 share a similar apocalyptic, Road Warrior-esque setting, the former does a much better job of making you feel like a wasteland scavenger. Very few story elements are present, so you don't have a constant "I better get back to the main quest" feeling hanging over your head"

An then

"There's no disappearing family members or ominous government forces making you feel the need to progress through the story, only the desire to grow stronger and survive the myriad creatures populating Pandora"

I can conclude game has no story to tell. Anyway I'll keep an eye on it.

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Slinger4204383d ago

What the hell is it with october/november and a rampant release of awesome games? Same as last year.

TheIneffableBob4383d ago

It should be obvious. A bunch of holidays occur during the fourth quarter so that's when publishers schedule their games to release.

Sarcasm4383d ago

Yeah but the onslaught doesn't stop once it gets into 2010. GoWIII, WKC, MAG, Bioshock 2, GT5, Splinter Cell Conviction, Mass Effect 2 etc. etc. etc.

chak_4383d ago

why why why...

was it delayed to the 30th here on PC *cries*

and dragon age 6 days later, ho my

champ214383d ago

steam has a sale on pc.. 44usd for the game.

in a way its good its coming 6 days later on the pc.. 15usd cheaper then consoles plus much higher res.

also you get few days to look at the console reviews to see if the game is actually good.. before you invest the money on the pc and i am sure the steam discount will be there till the pc version is released, so its a good thing in a way.

saint_john_paul_ii4383d ago

another sleeper hit. i heard good things about this game so far from people who are waiting to buy it. when im done with the other games i bought this week, i'll probably buy this game next.

dreamcast4383d ago

Damn, great score.. good job Gearbox

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