Top 5 Worst Games for the Holidays: GRW gives their top picks for what no one should get under the Christmas Tree this holiday season.

"The holiday season is when the best and most hyped games are released… but everyone already knows or should already know what games they are excited to see under the tree: dragon age, demon's souls, borderlands, brutal legend, uncharted:2, super mario bros. wii, assassin's creed 2, left for dead 2, tekken 6 (maybe), modern warfare 2 and dj-hero. If this Holiday season you are buying a gift for someone you don't like or just feel like giving your video-game loving child some revenge for being a pain in your side, then this list is for you. The absolute worst games released ..."

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Bot Smasha3311d ago

Boreza 3
Halo Wars
Section 8
Ninja Blade


Bumpmapping3311d ago

Haha that would be one bad Christmas.

nickb3311d ago

I wouldn't mind darkest of days but it would have to be a rental

Bot Smasha3311d ago

Indeed you have to be very naughty to recieve such garbage.