New Haze videos and Updated Fact Sheet

Haze, the new AAA shooter from Ubisoft and Free Radical, puts players in the boots of a new recruit in the privately run Mantel army.Set in the year 2048 in a world where Governments have outsourced military operations to Private Military Corporations (PMC), you play a newly enlisted soldier seeking fulfillment and thrills by fighting for a good cause.


Haze PS3 Exclusivity Update

So following our report that Haze had been listed as a PS3 exclusive, it appears today we have more information to divulge. Ultimately the information is difficult to digest for it is slightly mixed up, but it appears that the conclusion is that Haze will lead on the PS3 this year, and the PC and Xbox360 versions will follow in 2008.

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Lord Anubis4752d ago

it reminds me of Resistance fall of man.

TriggerHappy4752d ago

What ? I dont understand your comment.

Xi4752d ago

yeah, I love how this game is AAA and we've seen a little bit of gameplay. This game wont be AAA till it's out in stores and selling like hotcakes, or getting high scores from gamerankings.

achira4752d ago

why do you complain ? lol, are you envy ? what a moron. halo3 is a piece of sh!t, why dont you complain about that ?


this game isnt AAA..... have you seen the trailer?
4 words... "the games of terror"
enough said.

techie4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

The game sounds very interesting. The multiplayer sounds good...especially since their are psychological choices about which side you choose, rather than which colour costume you want to sport. Also the powers sound really good, and when you overdose on it! Wow very cool.

Smoke looks really good as well. So far it's pretty impressive.


I love how this game is suddenly "impressive" the second it goes PS3 exclusive.

techie4752d ago

Dont you accuse me of that son. This is a multiplatform title. It's coming out on ALL systems. So don't give me that nonsense. I have been interested in this title from day one, especially due to it by being from the makers of Timesplitters, and from the CG trailers they produced. The premise always interested me.

But this is the first time I have seen footage and interviews...and yet I'm not allowed to be impressed just because there has been mixed news about exclusivity? Take your war and put it on someone elses head. Lots of games impress me like Bioshock, Mass Effect, Too Human, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet. And i won't hold back any opinions about them just because they are exclusive.

gta_cb4752d ago

i dont know if you have actually read any of the recent news about this game but i can remember deep looking forward to this game when it was suppose to be coming out on PS3/Xbox 360 at the same time.

abuze4752d ago

I never heard of this game before, just saw the videos and i was impressed with the graphics, phisics and gameplay. I been playing the Halo 3 Beta for a while now and was kinda happy with the gameplay and decent gfx but after looking at Haze video demo, I lost total interest in Halo 3. Sad, but at least i'm getting back my paid off special edition Halo 3 reservation money from gamestop and reserve Haze instead. Now I just need to wait for Killzone 2 gameplay videos but i doubt it will compete against Haze... This game looks awesome! :)


you cancelled your Halo 3 pre-order for a game where the main plot premise is something called "the games of terror"??


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The story is too old to be commented.