Lego Rock Band is Only Offline

DualShockers writes:

"We had a chance to get into MTV headquarters and uncovered a few things about new DLC, but most importantly some news was un-earthed about the upcoming Lego Rock Band slated to release this November right before the holidays. It has been confirmed that Lego Rock Band will NOT have any online play when released. Also confirmed is the ability to import Lego Rock Band songs to your Rock Band 2 set list and vice versa with one minor/major caveat, any songs being imported into Lego Rock Band must be rated E for everyone, i.e. nothing with a mature theme can be played in Lego Rock Band..."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E4382d ago

Thats kinda puts a damper on things! Bummer!

BROOKLYN N-M-E4382d ago

that the track list exporting is still in there!

taz80804382d ago

A bit of a damper but it's still Lego. Must have.