Lost Planet: DirectX10 vs. DirectX 9

It seems everyone has been waiting for the first DirectX 10-capable game to appear, anything really. Windows Vista has been available for almost half a year, and we've been wasting our GeForce 8800 GTX's precious GPU performance on pedestrian DirectX 9 games since last November. Gamespot initially expected Crysis or Company of Heroes, or maybe even Supreme Commander (which is no longer coming), to be the first game to introduce us to Windows Vista's DirectX 10 world, but patch delays and ever-moving release windows have let Lost Planet, a port of an Xbox 360 game, grab the spotlight.

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Extra Guy4579d ago

Hmm, this comparison isn't nearly as obvious as the previous one. At points even the DX9 looked better (prefer the glare on the first pic). Seems like we'll have to wait until the big DX10 guns arrive.

Rooted_Dust4579d ago

They said they were only using DX10 to make it run faster, but from the benchmark tests it didn't even do that. This could be the end of easy ports from not-quite DX10 360 to DX10 PC and vice versa.

gta_cb4578d ago

you know what titles are coming out?

Cartesian3D4578d ago

Lostplanet is a DX9 game (in tech)... Doom3 with more polygons will looks way better than this.. anyway it looks nice ..

and another subject... WTF?8800GTX cant handle this crap game(compare to Crysis).. what about CRYSiS !! Im crying ... I must buy another Graphic card for handling CRISYS... I want more than 50FPS in high res and high quality... :(

xg-ei8ht4578d ago

I'm not really sure what people want from directx10.

The man that designed dx, wasnt very impressed with vista at all. Hence slower fps vs dx9.

In all truth 98% of fx in dx10 can be done in dx9, but slightly slower.

And the people moaning about 50fps, your the ones who download 3dmark06 get a good score and think your system is amazing.

3dmark is crud, always has been, always wil be.

1)question in default settings, in 3dmark06, what fps do you get in deep freeze.

Reason i ask, is, nothing is going on, and lost planet blows that away with ease.

id dot entity4578d ago

Think there is a difference between games MADE for DX10 and games that "ADD" DX10...