Joe Madureira Darksiders Interview

DualShockers writes,

"At the Big Apple Comic Con here in New York City, we were exposed to a couple of well-known actors. Did we run to them and rape them with the attention they were seeking? Hell no. In fact, every one of us besides Joel and his trusty sidekick - his camera, were just running by famous people, well-known movie assets like the Back to the Future car, and probably a lineup of some of the hottest women your eyes will ever gaze upon in person. But the biggest highlight of my day wasn't eye-banging these hot girls, or seeking the attention of people like Ernie Hudson and a dozen of bulimic looking winners from the show "Survivor," nope. It was meeting one of my artistic inspirations and famous comic book artist Joe Madureira - the designer and Creative Director for the upcoming game Darksiders, which is developed by the company that Mad also co-founded, Vigil Games."

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iiprotocolii5385d ago

It's a pretty solid interview, in my opinion. I'd love to meet the man, personally. He's a great artist.

iiprotocolii5385d ago

I wonder how the other game he was working on went. Probably not too well since no one's talking about it.

BROOKLYN N-M-E5385d ago

This was an awesome interview!

taz80805385d ago

Good interview, Joe seems like a great guy.

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Jimboms2911d ago

I mean is anything ever an upgrade for the PC Master Race?

Booggeyman2911d ago

When it comes to graphics rarely, but a bit of new content would have made this much more appealing for all gamers, including those on PC.

Maxor2910d ago

Lets get real. The PC got this upgrade on day one. All they had to do was crank the graphics to max and run it at 60 FPS.

VJGenova2910d ago

No free upgrade I take it ...

jeromeface2910d ago

They didn't when they remastered 2...

JamesBroski2910d ago

The "Deathinitive" edition of Darksiders 2 was disgusting anyway. Never seen a game with so much stuttering. I don't think they did anything but to resell it to most of their fans.

marioJP872910d ago

As usual for any remaster game from last gen.