Joust announced for the Playstation Network

Sony Online Entertainment have today anounced that Joust is scheduled to arrive on the Playstation Network on Thursday in North America...

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pilotpistolpete5103d ago

Big f'n deal. It was a bad game when it came out and it will be bad on the psn. Where area ll the good demos? Give me something other than my ngs demo. I only have master ninja difficulty to beat with ryu and I will have done all I can with it.

Diselage5103d ago

It was also bad on the 360 as well, probably still one of the worst games on the XBLA.

Frank5565103d ago

A waste of space and money now. It was fun spending a couple of dollars in quarters on it but that was years ago.

The great 15103d ago

It didin't stop you fools purchasing it on your Crapbox 360 hahahha, hahahahahah.

Bill Gates5103d ago

Hey bro don't be so mean to those guys. They're just upset at all the great news that's being announced on the PS3 side, and they're regretting ever purchasing the 360...HAHAHHAHHAHHHAHHHAH

FUKING LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......ok maybe that was a little harsh.....NOT!!!!!

DrWan5103d ago

calm down guys, stop senseless bashing of other system. PS3 fanboys are 'suppose' to have better manner. Show respect. You make PS3 owners look bad by cussing out on other system like that.

pilotpistolpete5103d ago

Eum, i really don't see in my post, or the 2 replies where it says we are xbox 360 owners. If you actually read past the first few words, i explicitly say I play the ninja gaiden demo on the psn. In fact, my avatar is NGS. Not all negative news is from xbox fanboys.

I don't regret my ps3. I'm just saying that last week's update was very empty. All i got was a video of joust, which is a pathetic update. I was just saying I want to see more "current gen" demos.

Its pretty sad when Sony fanboys don't even bother reading an entire post before making their childish comments. Within one post, this became a Sony vs MS war. Sad..just Sad. Maybe I'll buy an xbox 360 just out of spite.

Firewire5103d ago

I can't believe this game still lives!

Plancy5103d ago

I can't Fu***** wait! Ima play all my friends.

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