Darksiders Release Date Slipping to Late 2010

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "Vigil Games Darksiders has been quietly building steam since E3 2008. As God of War's backdrop is Greece, Dante's Inferno is Hell, Darksiders makes the apocolypse the star of the show. As one of the Horsemen you are tasked to discover why the end times were brought on early.

Their is no official information from THQ or Vigil games directly, but certain press outlets and retailers are showing Darksiders may be getting an August 2010 release."


[Update] References were removed so it appears the January release date is still on.

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DoucheVader5098d ago

Looks superb, I am hoping a later release date will give them the ability to market it properly.

DasBunker5098d ago (Edited 5098d ago )

yeah hope this is true.. first 3 months in 2010 looked too convulted.. i cant take that kind of abuse in my wallet

decimalator5098d ago

Sounds like an interesting game

RainOfTerror5098d ago

this is totally false, the date is set for Jan. 5, I just confirmed it

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Jimboms2624d ago

I mean is anything ever an upgrade for the PC Master Race?

Booggeyman2624d ago

When it comes to graphics rarely, but a bit of new content would have made this much more appealing for all gamers, including those on PC.

Maxor2623d ago

Lets get real. The PC got this upgrade on day one. All they had to do was crank the graphics to max and run it at 60 FPS.

Genova842623d ago

No free upgrade I take it ...

jeromeface2623d ago

They didn't when they remastered 2...

JamesBroski2623d ago

The "Deathinitive" edition of Darksiders 2 was disgusting anyway. Never seen a game with so much stuttering. I don't think they did anything but to resell it to most of their fans.

marioJP872623d ago

As usual for any remaster game from last gen.