New Perfect Dark XBLA screenshot

Discover the polished new look of Perfect Dark's FarSight XR-20 in the first PD XBLA screenshot of this week. Rare promises another one on Tuesday and Wednesday!

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JonnyBadfinger4297d ago

Great loved it back on N64.

But what happened to the Golden Eye arcade version rumour that was going around a while ago. Is it still coming or was it just bullsh*t.

NewZealander4297d ago

awesome, another rare classic, its about time they returned to form and released some quality new titles though.

Another One4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

Wow. that really looks nice. Very polished looking. One of my favorites back in the day. Who doesn't love the laptop gun?

BlackIceJoe4297d ago

I so can't wait until Perfect Dark comes out on XBLA. I really hope soon there will be a trailer for the game soon.