9.0 - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review writes: "There isn't much time to mess about like a gun toting loon when you live the life of a good looking treasure hunter. The ever active Mr Drake goes at it again. This guy gets to travel the globe, searching for a lost goodies, and trying to dodge bullets along the way, all for the sake of it, and to impress a certain lady."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida4225d ago

More Playstation domination right on schedule.Pray to your God xbots ,for he has forsaken you.

Sunny_D4224d ago

Xbot: I repent! I repent!

Playstation: No, For thou it is too late, I will smite thee who have plotted against me!

360degrees4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

and I must say overall its quality is acceptable, but not groundbreaking in any real way. As previous reviews have stated this game is your basic mash-up of all the features that made other games great. However in my opinion having all these great features combined in Uncharted 2 has still failed to raise this game to its possibly great potential. Often times while playing its single player campaign I began to feel a "Deja-Vu" sort of feeling, as I was pretty sure I had played the exact same scenes/scenarios in other games such as Tomb Raider, etc..I believe its main saving feature for me has been its multiplayer, which is still far from perfected. I would still rate this game rather high in a 7/10 sort of way, but this will not prevent me from trading it in down the road towards the purchase of other titles that are great rather than just acceptable.

LukaX234225d ago

With a name like that, no one will care what you have to say.

LinuxGuru4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

*looks at your avatar*


*looks at your username*


*looks at your paragraph*



DK_Kithuni_714225d ago

Take this fools bubbles away.

Ethereal214225d ago

move along sir, move along.

Bell Boy4225d ago

Thank you so much for your just a bit higher than a 7/10 game review of uncharted 2.

I have been playing since release in awe since release at the detail, the great story and all round fun gameplay, thinking to myself this game is the very essence of what makes gaming great. A lass I am delusional and my 25 plus years og gaming mean squat because you have let is know this games quality is merely acceptable.


Well there is no accounting for taste I suppose, but either you have a collection of games that the rest of the gaming community has never accessed or you fanboy goggles are very thick lensed and distort reality even when shown you.

I say get the game traded, get your ps3 sold ....and keep your self content with the most defective piece of hardware the gaming industry as witnessed.

HBK6194225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

People might believe you except for your proven bias.

"I are not Playstation
I are the Xbox360 Video Gaming Console first, PC second, playstation3 3rd, and the Wii 4th, in that exact order. I suppose to each their own"

Not to mention you said this earlier..."The only issue I see arising is that people new to the Uncharted series will simply view this movie as a Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider ripoff of sorts, and fail to give it any sort of chance, which is a shame really." Seems you were the one who failed to give it a chance and saw it as a Tomb Raider rip-off (For the record, this is miles better than whatever Lara managed to bring to the table).

You also seem to constantly bash any big PS3 exclusive that comes out...R:FoM ( , R2 ( Also contradicts himself there by saying that R:FoM had a great story when he says that he felt disconnected to Hale when talking about R:FoM, inFAMOUS ( , Killzone 2 ( , LBP ( , MGS4 ( , Motorstorm ( , didn't like the first looks at God of War 3 ( , doesn't like Heavy Rain's gameplay style ( But strangely LOVED Forza 3 over GT5 ( Also LOVED Halo 3 ( .

I agree with Bell Boy, sell your PS3 (If you do actually have one) as obviously you're too blind with 360 love juice to possibly want to enjoy it. And if you won't, why friggen bother? You obviously dislike the PS3 and anything that comes out for it, so WHY BOTHER?!?!?!

Isaac4224d ago

MODS are F***ING MORONS. I have two bubbles and, while I have some bias/preference, I don't fail to recognize great games on other platforms. This guy has too many bubbles! Mods, do something unless you are retards!

The real killer4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Hmmm, what call you a game (ground braking) ?
Second, no one single game................PC/Wii and 360 can handle the gameplay what you have see in others games, i'm a huge PC fan but i'm really impress that Uncharted 2 has a great gameplay, such gameplay i never play on PC games.

So, if we talk about ground breaking gameplay, yes Uncharted 2 it is.
Me as a fanatic PC gamer love the PS3, you know why i love the PS3 because it's the advance hardware you can get for a price of 275,- euro.

I bet you never play uncharted 2, because the lacks of honest.

Isaac, if you have a problem with the mods, then talk about it in the forums ;)

foxtheory4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

I'd like to see what games you consider "groundbreaking" or "amazing". And don't say Halo, because I'd die of laughter.

EDIT: You beat me to it The real killer.

Bathyj4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Obviously an Xbox tard. 7? Are you kidding?

Having played most the way through, no game has ever blended stealth and gunplay so well, no game has such good platforming which you can utilise during gunplay. BEST COVER SYSTEM EVER. Graphics too. There is no major fault in this game, and honestly its hard to find minor ones.

Anything less than a 9.5 is a joke.

Garbage4224d ago

cosign with original statement

Noob4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

It's hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, seriously! If you were this disappointed by essentially every PS3 exclusive game, you would of got rid of the console by now. It's just common sense. Your one paragraph PS3 reviews are good for laughs though, but we all know you do it because you love the attention and you think it's your chance to retaliate, so you aren't fooling anyone with them.

HDgamer4224d ago

I would remotely believe that if you didn't just tell a full fledged bold face lie that would make fox news discredit you quickly. I never seen such beautiful imagery in Tomb Raider with rich detail and colorful areas. I've also never seen a fight on a moving train with a dynamic scene. Thus I'm stating the in and out of the train action although crysis has had something similar but nothing close to uncharted 2. I've also never seen these type of events in any games that allow you to fight from one jeep to another with dynamic scenes. Sorry but you never played the game and you never will.

Timesplitter144224d ago

54 disagrees and ZERO agrees.

Is that a new record?

dpatterson144224d ago

My god. How much did Microsoft pay for you to suck their d!ck?

skip2mylou4224d ago

mods are dumb even look at my profile comment i bad mouth the mods. and no tht is not a record the record i have seen is almost 200disagrees and 32agrees

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mayberry4225d ago

Just for looking up his past posts! bubbles!^^^^

HBK6194225d ago

LOL. Bubbles to you too. :)

Sunny_D4224d ago

You burned this guy's @ss! bubbles to you!

NecrumSlavery4224d ago

Yeah! A bubble train like in HOME lol!

This idiot up top 360degrees is like a less arrogant metal gear rising, he likes using big words. Ge definitely the dominate one between the two. Kudos to you. What you say means nothing! Uncharted 2 is by far a goundbreaking title. Oh and if you didn't notice anything more than it's superior visuals. This game uses Twitter, Trophies from previous Uncharted are unlock content in U2, and it renders those visuals with zero framepops all fom PS3 cell power and no installing or loading! Firsts for console gaming b!tches. What game has you on a train actually moving through a world. I couldn't figure out how it never repeated the same seen twice. It feels like you'd run out of track or something. But no, you are really moving through a gorgous world.

xoxideu4224d ago

the words uncharted 2 will be burned into the brains of all xbots

chrisulloa4224d ago

No I'll probably forget about the game in 1 month, but the word Halo shall be branded on your brain forever.

Ron_Burgundy4224d ago

and Bye!!! back to UC2!!! :P

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