Why Analysts need to be quiet

Beefjack.com writes; "We all know about analysts; if you spend time cruising video game websites it is impossible to avoid them. Whenever there is big gaming news or rumours, they are there. Whenever there is a whisper or a leak, they are there. Analysts are always at the scene, and we lap up their words. But why? Why should we listen and believe what they tell us?"

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renegade5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

yeah shut the your fckingmouth patcher!

IdleLeeSiuLung5394d ago

It's funny, people ask analysts what they think, then post it online. Other idiots then click on it, sometimes read it and post stupid comments on how analysts should shut up!!!

Funny thing!

PimpHandHappy5394d ago

The PS3 will see a price cut to 199 in 2 years and the 360 will see more hard drives sold when they cut the arcade to 99

The PS3 will bring out more exclusives then any system and 360 will buy more DLC.

The Wii will be replaced within 2-20 years and launch Wii 2 and have a game called Zelda Fit Club with a special appearance by Mario

The PS2 will come to an end within 3-10 years

ppl will buy food so they can play games and not die like they do in South Korea

The dollar will go up and down in value

The world is indeed round

n4f5394d ago

i need to use my silencer more often......

gumgum995394d ago

Patcher still hasn't given me that firmware patch. That's why his predictions are failing.

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Chard18h ago

Missing the most important game - Rogue Leader