X-Com Series 50% Cheaper This Weekend

There are three different deals at GamersGate this weekend but one really sticks out from the others. You can buy the entire X-Com series for only $7.50.

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RKRigney3597d ago

Never played these games but I hear they're classics.

EvilCackle3597d ago

I've played the first one (UFO Defense), which is one of my favorite games of all time. Heard good things about Terror Under The Sea and Apocalypse, too.

pippoppow3597d ago

Strategy fans who have never experienced this game should check it out especially at such a low price. The strategy elements, graphics, sound and gameplay mechanics all blend together for an experience that still to this day keeps it at the top of the strategy genre. Also the tech trees, various skills of characters, the multi-tier levels within a map really made this a special game. It is a difficult game though. Maybe one day there will be a remake,spiritual successor maybe even a sequel, I hope.

EvilCackle3597d ago

The rumor is that 2K Boston and Ken Levine are making a new one.

pippoppow3597d ago

If they can make it similar to UFO Defense with all the current gen trimmings then it should be something to look forward to. It really is amazing how some of the best games of all time have been forgotten and not capitalized upon. How about a new X-wing and Wing Commander. What about a new Panzer Dragoon Saga or a proper sequels to the first Alone in the dark or a remake. Can go on and on. I wonder sometimes what are some of these decision makers running the Dev Studios thinking.

EvilCackle3597d ago

I wouldn't mind a sort of Valkyria Chronicles combat system where it's still a turn-based RPG but it feels like a third-person shooter. I kind of expect a new X-Com to play like a traditional first-person shooter, though. Even that would be interesting if they kept the overall base-building aspects.

Perjoss3597d ago

a truly amazing game (the first one, x-com ufo defense) I played it to death, heh i played it on my playstation with the playstation mouse and playstation mousepad :D , but sadly its one of those games that if you've never played something like this and you fire it up today you will more than likely turn it off after a few secs. It just does not stand up today. And this is why someone needs to make a GOOD remake or something.