Gamezebo Review: Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour

Gamezebo writes: "True classics never go out of style; they just get better with time. Happily, the same can be said for the Jojo's Fashion Show series. Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour is the crème de la crème of time management games, surpassing the previous games in its depth of game play and creative possibilities. With dozens of new twists, hours of game play, and real up-to-date fashions, even the most unfashionable players will be bitten by the fashion bug.

The first Jojo's Fashion Show had Jojo coming out of retirement at the bequest of her spunky daughter, Rosalind. Next, Jojo's Fashion Show 2: Las Cruces had players following her revived career as a renowned fashion designer. In contrast to previous Jojo games, Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour has a much more interesting and twisty plot."

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