There's No Place Like Home

Sony's Pete Edward tells us why the new Home service for PS3 won't just be about game networking, but social networking, like never before.

So, how far has the Home concept come along since the baldy-kept secret that was its announcement back at GDC? Well, the Beta trial is running internally, and, if our impressions of it and revelations made to us by Pete Edward from Sony's London Studio are anything to go by, there's a lot more to Home than initially thought - and when it launches, it will be just the beginning. Time for some housewarming...

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TheExecutive4588d ago

Sounds interesting. The mix between social networking and gaming could be huge. However, i have worries about how far sony will follow this online service. I wonder how often they will actually update it. Also, I have concerns about internet fraud, pornography, and other stuff. Is this service limited to those over 18?

Anyway, there are risks involved in every online service. I think the sky is the limits for Home. It really has the ability to do everything that one could want to do on a console, it will have everything xbox live has and its free,

Oh and for trolls... this is an optional service, everything will be available from the xmb. That means that you dont have to walk around if you dont want to.

drtysouf214588d ago

can not wait for this to be released or hopefully i'll get into the next beta invites.

Strange4588d ago

But most of us are still homeless lol

Anyway, I am very looking forward to getting into Home.
I understand that a lot of it is hype, but I do see a lot of business potential in it.

Kyur4ThePain4588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

I almost see more potential for companies than regular users.
Imagine if you will Nike sponsoring a one-on-one basketball tournament, with the winner getting an autographed ball (a real one, of course) or something like that. The marketing potential is huge. Of course us users will benefit from all that too.

TheExecutive4588d ago

The companies are what will make this free, they will make it diverse, and they will make it interesting. This is where I see the potential coming from. If companies think they can make money in Home, it will be huge. If not, then it will be a good place to meet your buds and go into a game. Either way, I think we gamers win.

macalatus4588d ago

It looks like its going to be awesome. How about this for a future South Park satire of PS3 Home: Jihadists, Green Peace, neo-Nazis, and other fringe groups have their own "Home compounds" complete with recruitment booth and terrorist training...with Cartman trying to stop them with his "Authorit-a!!"

THE TRUTH4588d ago

This service coupled with Little Big Planet has the potential to really change peoples persepctive of what the PS3 is and will be. If both LBP and Home really take off then sky is the limit for Sony this generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.