Only PC Dragon Age Has Baldur's Gate Camera

Dragon Age: Origins controls well on a PlayStation 3, BioWare proved to Kotaku yesterday - mouse and keyboard not required. But if you want the classic overhead view seen in this game's spiritual predecessor, then a mouse is a must.

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Parapraxis3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

This COULD be an option for the PS3 version.
A mouse+KB works fine on PS3, UT3 proved that.
Too bad for the long time Baldur's Gate fans.

pippoppow3592d ago

and of course mod support makes the PC version the better version. Then again most games that are multiplatform are best on the PC.

@above- Your right the PS3 version could match the PC version if Bioware wanted.

Persistantthug3592d ago

They clearly have the ability with USB ports.

So what's the reason/excuse? Lazy Devs?

I'm just asking.

Parapraxis3592d ago

After reading the comments @ Kotaku, apparently the PC/console UIs are quite different. Possibly one of the reasons KB+M has been left out of the PS3 version.

Charmers3592d ago

I imagine the reason why mouse control isn't supported on the console is down to the way consoles are used. Any season PC user on this board will have heard the "yeah well I can sit on my couch and play games with my console hooked up to my TV" argument. Well BINGO there you go daddyo that is why mouse and keyboard support isn't present in nearly all console games.

There just isn't a "demand" for it, I mean sure you can hook up a wireless mouse and keyboard to the PS3 but I bet you 99.9% of PS3 owners don't have a mouse/keyboard hooked up. So in a developers eyes it is a pointless option. Why waste time and money building in mouse/keyboard support for a system where the vast majority will play the game with a gamepad.

WIIIS13592d ago

I think the whole idea of console gaming is simplicity. Just pop the disc in, sit down on the couch and play off a comfortable handheld gamepad.

Persistantthug3592d ago

Adding that feature should be a piece of cake, just as Unreal Tournament 3 has it. I have the game (never did like it personally btw), but the Keyboard/mouse support is there and I'm sure it didn't take that much work to add it in.

It's about options....whether you use them or not, the more options the better, and I want options.

krauley3592d ago

yeah your exactly right about console users not having m/kb. and im one of those that say "i like to be all comfy on my couch with a controller when i play games". in fact im typing this with my keyboard in my lap and my mouse on the cushion next to me. i use my pc from my couch but i dont really like playing games on it. but yeah, most console users cant complain about m/kb support cause they arent going to use them anyways.

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maawdawg3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Not having an iso view is. I played all the BG and NWN games and expansions in a zoomed out iso view and I was really looking forward to a similar experience on the 360. Now that I know it is an over the shoulder style only on consoles I will probably be canceling my preorder. The hard fights in these games are really hectic to try to keep an eye on the whole party and all the enemies if I have to play in a Red Faction/Tomb Raider style view.

The list of reasons to get this on PC is growing more and more. I much prefer my 360 for gaming but this game is basically making it impossible to buy the 360 version for me.

1 KB/M controls being superior to console controllers
2 mod support vs paid DLC (2 years worth)
3 no iso view

Too bad I don't have a rig that will run it as well as I would like. Looks like Dragon Age will be waiting until I get a new PC to replace this old one. I am completely disappointed right now I was really looking forward to this game. How hard would it be to put view change into the right stick camera control or the options menu of the consoles? For me this turns out to be the straw that broke the camel's back. :(