Gamervision Hands-On Army of Two: The 40th Day

Gamervision: "At an EA event yesterday, I sat down with Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director for Army of Two: The 40th Day. Before picking up a controller, we discussed the faults of the original title. While it enjoyed moderate critical success, most agreed that the game's tone was twelve kinds of immature and the cooperative gameplay often felt forced. The core principles of a great shooter were in place, but needing to cooperatively snipe or spin in circles in slow motion always felt forced, and got in the way of the game feeling smooth. Alex agreed with all of these points, and cited his experience at Maxis and work on Spore and The Sims as his hearthstone for working on The 40th Day. The situations and stories people enjoy the most are the ones they help create, and that was the goal in the sequel to Army of Two.

They've learned from their mistakes, Alex explained, and have built the game in response to criticisms of the first title. One thing he said resonated to me: they want to "embrace the way people already play.""

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raztad3594d ago

This game is looking interesting.

At first they were referred to as morality moments, but that’s a phrase Alex Hutchinson wishes was never put out. It’s about gray areas in The 40th Day, highlighting the fact that, when put in a situation that’s live or die, difficult choices need to be made. It’s damned if you do damned if you don’t, whereas the term morality assumes there’s a good and a bad. It’s not Fable, where the options are “kill the baby” or “save the world.” We were told of a scenario where the players can either kill a guard and take some weapons, or leave without them.


That quote above sounds a lot like inFAMOUS Karma system, but I guess the author of this preview hasnt played it, only Fable. Too many xbox fans on blogs and web gaming sites.

Bloodraid3593d ago

For example; the part where Cole has the choice to either save the civilians brother, or let the reapers take him off and hoard the blast shards for yourself. [That's what immediately came to mind when I heard about the leave the guard and take the weapons situation]