Square Enix's Final PlayStation 2 Game

All good things come to an end, including PlayStation 2 support. Before that curtain completely closes Square Enix will release one more game.

In Japan, Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel Collection 2 will be released on three platforms: Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 2. The international equivalent, Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection, is only available for the Xbox 360 and PC in North America.

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maniacmayhem3598d ago

Watch the PS2 downloadable store open up on PSN.

Serial_EDX3598d ago

When that happens I'm gonna be spending hundreds TT^TT

Noctis Aftermath3598d ago

I need my GTA:SA, FFX and FFXII!

koehler833598d ago

Actually this article misses the point because all the content in that disc is available for download on PS2 via PlayOnline. All future content will be too. It's just not worth it to publish PS2 expansions any more. Retailers won't carry them.

sikbeta3597d ago

"Once the PS2 support ends...
Watch the PS2 downloadable store open up on PSN"

What is the biggest HDD for the PS3? I'll need Terabytes of space, PSN games + PS2 games + games install + multimedia stuff

execution173597d ago

i thought most PS2 games were single layer dvd 4gbs, so roughly 500GB hdd will work fine

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aswan3598d ago

Right before thier very first ps3 game.

Saaking3598d ago

SE can go down the toilet for all I care. FFXIII is now gimped, and who knows when FFvXIII will come out. SE have done nothing but wrong mediocre games this gen. They deserve every bit of failure as does MS.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3598d ago

i guess if it was a xbox (the original one not the 360) square enix would still support it

Waldex_Encore3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

That stupid company is full of whores which only dance when M$ pimp put monay on their panties, they do not care if they ACTUALLY produce interesting and amazing stories like they used to... no

now that stupid company full of retards only needs to slap a pack of bills on their faces and they are willing to insult the intelligence of its customers. Of all the gaming universe i despise them more than i despise the xbots, i actually want its CEO and the Board of Directors to die in the most horrible way possible.

They can go fvck themselves, not even the white ps3 slim can be called an apology for what they have become.

The real killer3598d ago

"i actually want its CEO and the Board of Directors to die in the most horrible way possible"

This is compleat BULSHIT, how can you say that?
I agree with your standpoints, but you don't have the right that CEO and the directors have to die, it's not way to talk about your frustrations.

Waldex_Encore3598d ago

that im not the only one who actually desires that

NewZealander3598d ago

man you sound like such a loser wishing someone to die just cos they r bringing a game out on the 360 and not ps3 its just a game, its still coming on the ps2 so if u wanna play it that much go buy a ps2 if u dont own one already, in my counrty ps2s r so cheap now they cost just as much as a new release game. or may be you need to get out of your room and realize that there is alot more in this world than games. I would not wish anyone to die let alone in a horrible way, its ppl like you that make this world a dangerous would with comments like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.