First Epic Mickey Scans

NintendoDpad brings you the scans of Epic Mickey from GameInformer.

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MattOG7115396d ago

I'm sure this is early on, and obviously the game is a Wii game so dont expect too good graphics, but the game world looks meh too me. The art work looks much better

N4PS3G5396d ago

ok....i was hyped..now i don't care

Product5396d ago

I still care, but yea the hype for the game has dropped

Serial_EDX5396d ago

Wonder if this will be like the KH mickey were it goes threw his different eras in time. *you know like black and white and such all the way threw till today's mickey*

ZombieNinjaPanda5396d ago

Concept art fail.

Game looks pretty bad IMO.

Lets get KH3 now!