IncGamers: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Review

IncGamers' Tim McDonald reviews Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for the PS3. Is it the ultimate version of Gaiden 2, or does it miss the gore?

From the review:

"The first thing you will notice (besides the bouncing, latex-clad tits) is that there doesn't appear to be much in the way of gore. There's still plenty of stylish dismemberment, but what previously resulted in a stage-painting spray of arterial red now gives you some glowing purple energy coming out of glowing purple stumps. Demons still splatter blood of various hues, Ryu's weapons are still caked in red blood at the end of almost any given fight, and there are red slashes and flashes as you wreck your foes, but it's all very, very toned down. It's not important, though, right? It's just gore, and has no tangible impact on gameplay."

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Leord3601d ago

Well, as long as the tits are still there...

Dorjan3601d ago

Hmm.. does it really live up to the prequel? if so then it is worth it just for more of the same really! :lol:

OGharryjoysticks3601d ago

This review talks about how it doesn't hit as hardcore as the original because it's been tweaked in the difficulty department so it's not as hard.

But obviously this guy took advantage of the easier difficulty setting even though there are harder (and yes, harder than the original) settings to use and wants to complain since he used the "new" easy button.

I've played both. Sigma is a much better product. This article reads like a love letter to his first love. It's like "I know she looks better, plays better, and has more to offer...but you got blood and that's all I care about because I'm stupid"