Rant: Buying Clothes For Your Avatar? Why?

Apparently, there are enough brain-dead lemmings out there who thought that spending real money on these digital clothing items and accessories for a digital 'doll' was a good idea.

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N4G king3596d ago

oh the irony
i remember 360 fanboys making fun about buying Clothes in HOME
look who's buys avatar Clothes now

Frag Monger3596d ago

Lol. Not I! I refuse to spend a dime on anything for my avatar. So stupid.

borgome3596d ago

I had some left over points, so I bought the sweet Cu-tip upgrade for my avatar. It's awesome.

JeffGUNZ3596d ago

IDK about this, I would never spend money on clothes for an avatar. They are so minimal in the 360 community, that it really doesn't matter what he/she is wearing.

glennc3595d ago

oh the irony??? i doubt those same people are paying for clothes on XBL.

go troll somewhere else (i know i know, wasting my time... PS3 fanboys spend more time on xbox articles than their own)

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rrquinta3596d ago

I agree, I refuse to spend money on my Home avatar (don't have a 360 right now). If it's free, fine, but otherwise, no thank you.

BTW, maybe it was just me, but your website font is microscopic! Thank god for Firefox's "Zoom in" feature...

creeping judas3596d ago

No micro transactions for me on PSN HOME or NXE. Waste of money!!!

Bellcross3596d ago

waste of time and money.

badkolo3596d ago

i dont agree, i like them, if you dont then dont use them or buy them, its been a while now and the avatars arent intrusive so either use them or dont, either buy clothes or dont, i do, i like the splinter cell outfit so i bought it as well as the lightsaber, the clothes or addons i didnt like i didnt buy.

its a freakin option so lets not cry and rant, home is useless but are we making page after page about it and how sony should spend the time elswhere, no, either use it or dont, no one if forcing you

Frag Monger3591d ago

But I Love to rant! (Please note the name of my website.) ;)