Metacritic Scores and the New Generation

Interscription has an article that references the Metacritic scores of the top 20 games, and how they relate between the two high definition consoles.

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StanLee3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I've long placed no faith in metacritic scores. To be honest, I'm unconcerned with 90% of the reviews that make up a game's metascore. I don't need the opinions of 70 plus persons to make a determination of whether as game is worth my time or not. I don't know half the sites or blogs that have reviewed the title, nor am I familiar with the reviewers' tastes and how similar they are to mine. I look at reviews from IGN, GameInformer, Gamespot, Edge, G4TV, Eurogamer and few other review publications where I'm familiar with the reviewers, their tastes and past reviews, and make an assessment based on these reviews and the media I've seen of the game over the course of development. We have so much access to game media during the development cycle than we did in the past that you don't need reviews to make an informed decision about your interest, or lack there of, in a game.

nix3598d ago

the fact that GTAIV sits there with the highest rated game is a mockery of current gaming scene. trust no one but your heart.

soxfan20053598d ago

You have to remember that a review is an opinion of a game on that particular day, nothing more. Clearly, GTA4 has not stood the test of time as well as most other games on those lists. That doesn't change the fact that on the day it was reviewed, it was considered nearly perfect.

3599d ago
pippoppow3598d ago

It highlights the 360s lack of true exclusives. So basically the PS3 has superior hardware and exclusive games library. Look at the top 50 to see an even greater gap between the amount of top quality exclusives between the 2 consoles. Those gamers who value exclusive games have a clear choice.