IGN UK: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Review

IGN UK writes:

Hopelessly dated and creaking in so many respects, playing PES 2010 can initially be a disheartening experience when coming off the back of EA's astounding FIFA 10. In comparison it's clunky, its feature set paltry and its presentation amateurish – as players who have been enthralled by PES since its trailblazing entries at the turn of the decade, seeing PES lose its grip on the football throne has become a melancholy experience for fans that gets sadder each year.

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TrevorPhillips3596d ago

great score, and I gotta say the visuals on the players look amazing.

nix3596d ago

hmm.. don't trust IGN that much.. will wait for the rest of the industry to review.

aksmashh3596d ago

But tell the truth all im interested is the master league.
Fifa looks better and may be have more realist "looking" gameplay BuT

My main problem is that the manager mode & be pro mode that are really boring, i haven't played this years modes but people tell me its the same as last year.

TrevorPhillips3596d ago

it's UK but im from aus so when i go to the site its ign aus site.

nix3596d ago

no.. the headline says IGN UK but the link points to AU.. that's why i asked.

Meus Renaissance3596d ago

IGN gave a previous one 9 out of 10. And they were sponsors of the game! lol

PoisonedTea3596d ago

Eurogamer would disagree with you.

arakouftaian3596d ago

pes10 is the best soccer futbol sim ever!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.