Uncharted 2: Is it overhyped?

Paradox explores whether Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the subject of too much hype.

"As the first level loaded in I was absolutely brimming with excitement and the opening cinematic certainly doesn't disappoint, but what followed I have to say did leave me feeling a little bit underwhelmed.

As I climbed up the train I was initially impressed by the graphics but within minutes I was becoming frustrated due to the controls. They felt sluggish and unresponsive and this marred my initial time with the game."

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TrevorPhillips3623d ago

hell no this game is worth every penny and its so much fun xD

mal_tez923623d ago

Played through it in one sitting today. Best money ever spent.

3623d ago
SaiyanFury3623d ago

The author talks about the game controls being sluggish in the intro to the game. In the intro, Drake has been wounded so the controls won't be 100% responsive. You're climbing up the train while being injured. Of course it won't be 100%. Drake has a hole in his stomach, and doesn't move fast. I found the game to be great and accurate for his limited movement. I moved beyond that, and I found Drake and the opening areas of the game very acceptable. Maybe it's me, but I am loving the new game.

Isaac3623d ago

What a stupid question. "Do people like food a little too much?".

Marceles3623d ago

"They felt sluggish and unresponsive and this marred my initial time with the game."

Oh noez! I cantz aim perfect on da twain! Someting wong wit da controlzes!

What a n00b, I want to hear a game he thinks is responsive and non-sluggish so I can laugh.

Syronicus3623d ago

Try climbing a tree after loosing a couple pints of blood and having been beaten to a bloody pulp. What did you expect? Nathan to be all springy and action packed int he first few minutes of the game?

finbars753623d ago

I think the game is worth every penny plus more.I think the guy writing this is OVER-HYPED.Learn to play the game with what you got.The controlls are fine,its not our fault you have no clue on how to play games the way they are set up.Learn to adapt like the rest of us.

Celeras3623d ago

8 hour campaign, 60 dollars.

Yeah, too much hype.

masterg3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

How can anybody have problems with the controls.
After playing both beta's I found them near perfect.
A lot tighter than Drakes Fortune.

Final_Rpg3623d ago

Uncharted may have a few problems in what otherwise is one of the closest games I've played to 'flawless'. But one thing for sure is one of its flaws is NOT controls. The game handles beautifully and elegantly.

Microsoft Xbox 3603623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

The train part supposed to have sluggish controls. He's in a trainwreck you fool. Nathan is freezing, has a gunshot by his hip, and just fell high above a mountain while rolling in a train. It's all part of the realism and immersion.

Sarcasm3623d ago

"8 hour campaign, 60 dollars.

Yeah, too much hype. "

11 hours on normal.
15 more hours to get all trophies.
Awesome 3 player co-op.
Unspeakable hours on Multiplayer.

Yeah, needs MORE hype.

bjornbear3623d ago

I don't get why its always 360 fans that find "KZ2 controls suck" or "Uncharted controls suck"....its almost as if they have been spoilt with aim Halo's aim assist or smt =/

The controls are FIIIINE, you just need to get good at them. I'm only halfway and I already got Head Shot Expert and 100 headshots (played Uncharted 1) and i'm NO pro (i just LOOVE head shoots =D)

So theres no excuse. The controls are fine. They feel like you ARE Drake...not as if ur on rollerblades (many games do that =/)

morganfell3623d ago

Thanks to everyone for pointing out the obvious that Drake is half dead at the beginning of the game. Something the writer missed despite Drake being covered in blood and staggering around groaning.

Did Uncharted 2 have a recycled Multiplayer? No? Then did the worthless site behind this article complain about any recent games that used that cheap tactic for sales?

jav09183623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

no...its definitely won a spot on my top 10 games and I don't even have 10 top games. I guess top 5 would be correct.

As for the control argument...that's a pathetic statement, you must not know how to play the game if you think the controls suck. The controls fit the game perfectly. Seriously that's a pathetic argument.

sikbeta3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

What a dumb article, for the media (aka fat ass biased kids) every PS3 game is overhyped, but when we talk about ODST all the hype possible is not enough, where is Kanye West when you need him

Next articles:
"Demon Soul doesn't live up to the Hype"
"Ratchet and Clank Future: ACiT too little to late"

Try your best kids, I gonna see you in the end of this GEN at full damage Control and crying in the corner

HolyOrangeCows3623d ago


''plays like a dream''
-Games Radar

''the run-and-gun action is butter smooth''

''fast yet smooth enough to cope with the chaos of multiplayer gaming''

''Movement is smooth''
-Play magazine (UK)

''what elevated the game from being simply very good to genuinely fantastic was how natural controlling Nathan felt''

.....sluggish controls? I smell a website desperate for hits.

gaffyh3623d ago

Just got this, and I can safely say that this game 100% deserves the hype. The transitions into cutscene are seamless, you can't even tell it's happened. Multiplayer is awesome just like the beta, I like the new stealth gameplay (very cool, kinda like MGS).

Words can't do it justice, you HAVE to play this game, and if you aren't getting it for whatever reason, you are retarded.

3623d ago
boodybandit3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

But it is definitely under rated by some sites. Anyone that knows me personally will tell you I am the most over cynical Ahole you will ever meet when it comes to my opinion on games.

I went into UC2 thinking it was going to be more of the same with an ever so slight, if any, increase in visuals with just a different treasure to hunt in a different location.

At first I thought I wasn't too far off. Now that I am half way through the game I am completely blown away. IMO I think it even eclipses Killzone 2 graphically. The story, voice acting, animations, sound, graphics, online modes, co op, etc and so on. This game HAS IT ALL! So far it's the best game I have played this generation (again IMO).

Oh well I'm off to play some more UC2.

ZombieAutopsy3623d ago

Do you dream you went and bought over hyped games, i think not and i literally just woke up from that dream and now im disappointed.

nbsmatambo3623d ago

its more like, "Am i searching for hits? :o"

yes i went there... pitiful article smfh

rroded3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

AAA game gets nothin but grief if its on ps3 while the 360 gets a free pass with its bug laden games like forza 3 or mass deffect.... no bias here right

n for the record best game of this generation only possible on the ps3 graphics n game are incredible n controlling nate makes Laura Craft feel like a 3 legged horse on a slip n slide.

ultimolu3623d ago

What the hell is this, stupid articles week? -_-

This game is incredible.

ThanatosDMC3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Felt sluggish and unresponsive?! Umm... Nathan was bleeding to death... not a spoiler.

Multiplayer is funny especially when you're up against 5 Nathan Drakes. "Let's go kick Nathan Drake's asses."

FrankDrebin3623d ago

Have you played it?

If you have to ask that means you haven't!

butterfinger3623d ago

"8 hour campaign, 60 dollars.

Yeah, too much hype."

You must really hate this generation of gaming then. I guess COD4, [email protected], Gears 1&2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, L4D, R1&2, KZ2, etc. must all be big disappointments to you.

Contrary to this article, I would say that Uncharted 2 is one of the few games that actually lived up to the hype.

beardpapa3623d ago

overhyped because of "sluggish" controls? Right.

Moronic journalism of the day award goes to....

Xgamerzus3623d ago

The cinematic quality and gameplay acting etc. put it on perfect 10 status!!
I will go to say that the graphics amaze although not so intense as KZ2 or Heavenly sword there are times that the game eclipses those games so it does have 10 graphics and of course gameplay and story acting are all 10's.
This game is a direct competitor with the Movie industry and theatre!!
No game till know has brought this much Cinematics to a game and at this adult level and quality.
I want more games like this .
I am waiting for Heavenly rain and GOW3 to see this quality continue!!

ShadowCK3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Uncharted 2 IS overhyped. The ps3 fanboys here just won't admit it.

The amount of 10/10s it has gotten is ridiculous as this game obviously has flaws, look at GameTrailer's review for goodness sake. E.g. Moronic AI in stealth, simple story, no originality.

Oh I'm disgreeing with the fanboys, guess I better embrace the disagree storm.

Sevir043623d ago

The writter of this editorial is sooo wrong on all acounts, if you were paying attention to the opening cinematic you’d notice that Nate, is WOUNDED,” Lots of blood, thats alot of my Blood” remember that line? naw you didn’t.. the game tried to pass it over as realistic in that being sooo wounded it would make the controls feel sluggish and some what unresponsive simply because you are WOUNDED, didn’t you notice how hung over he was after i got off the train? naw…. you didn’t..

Did you play the rest of the game? perhaps not. tell you what, play the entire game and then comback and tell everyone if it’s over hyped. i doubt you will. this is just another attempt at pulling it down… but nice try though. shakes head.

bnaked3623d ago

let the gamers talk:

Look at the user reviews, it's incredible!

jjohan353623d ago

This is a personal preference, but I had to increase the movement sensitivity to the max (to the right) within options. Motion is smooth as butter like any FPS after I did this. It may not fit the bill for everyone, but I certainly found it more intuitive for me.

TheBand1t3623d ago

Then you're saying pretty much every game this generation is Overhyped if you're complaining about a lack of originality and simple stories.

And poor stealth AI my ass....

Carl14123623d ago

Woo i love being restricted to the open zone for making sarcastic comments

Ravage273623d ago

Other than the few occasions where i went to the wrong side of cover, this game is as close as it gets to perfection. I've played many games this gen, and i say that UC2 is the BEST i've played thus far.

SP is every bit as awesome as it was hyped to be, and MP is soooo much fun! It definitely exceeded my expectation

bnaked3623d ago

metacritic userscores:

GTA4: 7.5 (metacritic score: 98)

Uncharted 2: 9.6 (metacritic score: 96)

Nuff said!

3623d ago
tonsoffun3623d ago

I certainly don't think that the game is overhyped by the media, No, I don't believe so, it's been getting great reviews and overall the feedback from the media has been well deserved and incredibly positive.

HOWEVER, I do think that a certain division of fans here and at certain other sites are overhyping the game all this nonsense AND I DO MEAN NONSENSE about sites showing bias against sony is just utter rubbish. A game getting in excess of 9.0's out of 10's all round the board doesn't show bias.

Rather than pitching a hissy fit about a 0.4 difference in review score, and trawling internet board calling people's integrity into question and professionalism, why don't you go an play some more games?

mabreu3623d ago

All fanboyism aside, 10/10 scores are used way too often. There is no such thing as a perfect game. I think thats what the author is talking about. But I am about halfway through the single player and I think this game is closer to perfection than any other game before it. Definitely better than GTA4. Lets hope that the author feels the same way.

mabreu3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Not really. Especially compare to games like Brutal Legend and Halo:ODST.

solar3623d ago

im just starting chapter 5. so far the game has been ok. good graphics, animation, cinematic value, and story.

BeachBar693623d ago

I seem to play the game fine and didnt have any problems with it. But there is always that one person who finds something to complain about, well guess what its even for everyone and you just suck at it lol.

Nemo883623d ago

From a user review on Metacritic, where it currently stands at 9.6... from 443 Reviews!!! INSANE!!!

"Two armed guards chatted obliviously as I looked into the kitchen of a dilapidated Nepalese apartment. Careful not to be spotted, I pulled myself up and took aim at a propane tank. "Boom," whispered Nathan Drake, just before I pulled the trigger, blowing the unsuspecting guards into oblivion. That was the moment that I realized I was in Drake's skin, he was in my head, and I was in love with this game.

dawgsfan1173623d ago

I just beat this game for the second time in 3 days and im oing to go ahead and tell you its worth every penny. The greatest game I have ever played. This is a game that simply could not be done on my 360. BUY IT NOW!

SiteNblog Defender3623d ago

lol @ Isaac. Nice spin there. Food is a necessity, Uncharted 2 is not.

BlackPrince 423623d ago

When you start the game Drake is already shot in the stomach and beaten within inch of his life. The fact that your movements are limited is part of getting across how dire his situation is.

The intro is the only part of the game with sluggish controls, in fact, there were actually parts later in the game where I felt they should have limited your movements even MORE because of how injured you are.

gaffyh3623d ago

I'd never give a game a perfect score, because there is always room for improvement, but Uncharted 2 just raised the bar over and above any game I've ever played. It is possibly the only game I'd even think of giving a perfect score to.

ZBlacktt3623d ago

TOTALLY AGREE! This game is a blast! I have had this much fun since MGS4. Only this game has a far better online experience. I have KZ2 and C&C Red Alert 3 sitting here unopened and I'm not sure when I'll get to either. I'm so addicted to these Co-Op objective online matches. Pure epic fun. Easy GOTY...easy.

NoBias3623d ago

AND some.

I just beat the campaign. Wow...

Celeras3623d ago

Agree(7) | Disagree(100)

Lol, I knew saying that was going to be hit hard but damn XD

NewZealander3623d ago

its a great game yes, and it seems to get better the further you go, the first level was cool, i wasnt blown away by the snow, but i loved the way it stuck to drake, the second level was dull, hated the stealth and the level and enemies looked rough...BUT

now im back in the jungle with sully, and that part blows me away!
naughty dog obviously have more strength when it comes to the green stuff, its all very pretty and the lighting really ties it all together.

i dont think its perfect, but much respect to naughty dog, they seem like they really care about there product.

JL3622d ago

This game is absolutely amazing. I mean I didn't expect that big a jump over the first (which used to be my favorite game this gen, only now it's been trumped by its sequel), but wow, it was definitely an improvement. Seriously, as gay as this might sound: this game isn't like playing a game, it's an adventure. Truly amazing.

That being said, I didn't even need to read beyond the description on this one. When he failed to understand why the controls were "sluggish and unresponsive" in that first part, it shows me he either didn't play through or is a moron. Considering the shape Drake was in (lucky to be alive even), I wouldn't expect him to be able to just freely gallop around like nothing was wrong. I actually thought that was a nice touch.

thesummerofgeorge3622d ago

I just finished it on hard, and I've never played such a fun, cohesive, action packed game. The controls and cover system was far from sluggish IMO, I found it simple and streamlined making gun battles a pleasure and a real cinematic experience. This guy can't figure out which way to go and blames the game for it, his issues with the game are a joke, navigating through this game was a gas. This guy hasn't even played through the game and he thinks he's in a position to write an article about why it's overhyped and unimproved. This is garbage.

7thNightvolley3622d ago


Alvadr3622d ago

OOOh, i nearly clicked on the link then.. They have just wrote this for traffic.. Dont give in

DevastationEve3622d ago

Yeah. It was way overhyped.

vhero3622d ago

You always get one person who wont live into the hype its natural. I don't live into the hype of Halo games I think they are just above average FPS games but that's me and my opinion.

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clixx333623d ago

I think I speak for everyone when I say...

Uncharted 2 - GOTY 2009

chrisulloa3623d ago

Sorry what? Pretty sure MW2 is getting it.

Guitarded3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

There's the problem, you tried to think. Did it hurt? If you see blood coming from your ears get to the emergency room immediately.

ALL games are over hyped! The question should be, is this game worth spending $300 for a PS3? Nope. $200 is perfect for the less than a handful of games I want to play on the PS3.

na2ru13623d ago

£200 isn't even worth the handful of games that are still worthy of buying.

Mass Effect
(don't count on Banjo)

Uncharted 1 alone was worth the fat PS3 and has proven to be so no doubt U2 is worth it let alone the cheaper slim PS3.

dustgavin3623d ago

"Sorry what? Pretty sure MW2 is getting it."

Nope. Game of the Year is going to Uncharted 2.

lh_swe3623d ago

MW2 has a lot to live up to, Uncharted 2 had as well. Uncharted 2 has fullfilled those promises and then some.
We do know that Uncharted according to some is one of(if not THE) best game this year (or this gen even), I am one of those and many on N4G as well.
Btw chrisulloa you fanboy peice of dirt congrats AGAIN on passing judgement on a game before it's release, no doubt MW2 is going to be good but if it'll supass Uncharted 2 quality it has to nail pretty much all aspects from the story to the multiplayer absolutely spot on, and thats no easy feat EVEN for Infinity Ward.

So shut your antagonising gob!

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TrevorPhillips3623d ago

Exactly GOTY

And I gotta say great job Naughty Dog.

Blaster_Master3623d ago

Sluggish controls? He must have been playing Gears or somethin? No, this game is perfect when it comes to the fluidity of control and movement. The animations are just the icing on the cake that makes everyone drool every time Chloe shows off her @ss. Damn she's fine!

Christopher3623d ago

Yeah, I'm really confused by that statement as well. Perhaps he's mistaking 'sluggish controls' for 'relative speed of movement'? I mean, Nathan is injured and moving at a pace that is not as fast as usual but also not at a pace he would be moving at normally with a gaping wound in his torso.

So far, I've found the controls to be really nice, fluid, and an improvement over the first game. The only 'cover' issues I've had so far were in that not everything could provide you cover, but that was because it was at points in the game where cover wasn't necessary as well. So far, I haven't had any issues at all with combat, in fact I've been wondering if I shouldn't have started out on Hard to start with so far, but I'm guessing it will get harder for me as I progress further into the story so I'm sticking with this for now.

KingME3623d ago

- His uncharted 2 a great game? Definitely
- Is Uncharted 2 worth the 60 Bucks? With out a doubt.
- Is Uncharted 2 overhyped? Yes, the fans, reviewers and developer has definitely overhyped this game.
- Is that necessarily a bad thing? Only for the haters!

Natsu X FairyTail3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

If a great game like UC2 is overhyped then imagine what Crappy Halo ODST is.

dont forget I like good games no matter the console.